September Beginnings

Dear brothers and sisters, we can’t help but thank God for you, because your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing.”  2Thessalonians 1IMG_4689

Kingdom School has begun, but not as we thought it would!  So many changes – location changed to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Colonie, the  meeting times have changed as we moved from being a GSSM Satellite school to a school that uses teachings from several on line sources but still attends Global Awakening conferences as often as possible .IMG_0296

We have found that the process is more important than the end result.  Through all these changes we have grown in our relationships with the Christians and men and women of God in our area and are understanding more of what role we can play in Revival in the Hudson Valley and Albany Region.  The key is to listen and pay attention to what God is blessing and move in that direction.  That usually means giving up some ideas we’ve had and making room for new ones!IMG_4753

This seems like a good time to look back over what our ministry has accomplished over the past year and we wanted to share with you some of the highlights:

*Taking a team of 15 people to the Global Awakening Conferences in Pennsylvania 3 times last year was an incredible experience.  Watching our students grow in maturity in Christ and gain from the experienced leadership of Randy Clark and others was exciting and gratifying.IMG_4740

*Graduation with over 100 people from this area attending and outstanding pastors from this area: Pastors Stan Slager, Jay Francis, Bart Henegan, Chuck Englefield, Don & Nancy Childs,Rev. Susan Baker Borjeson,Fr. Steve & Lorrie Hart, Fr. Tyler & Audrey Slade, and many others all attesting to the impact the school is having in our area.

* Philmont Community Spirit Day and The Healing service on the Village Green in Philmont were such fun ways to join together with the pastors and people of Philmont who love God and enjoy each others’ company.IMG_5025

*Running Kingdom School 2013-2014 – a unique ministry training program for people to mature in their faith and become equipped to carry the message of the Gospel into everyday life.IMG_4962


*I’ve also identified my painting calling more specifically and have spent the summer working on a portfolio of landscapes with which to approach commercial galleries – these can be seen at:  Also I took an egg tempera workshop with Koo Schadler and for my class project I am copying a Raphael portrait.  It isn’t finished yet, but am including a photo of its present state, then next month you will hopefully see it completed.  Egg tempera skills have improved dramatically and I’m ready to do some new icons!photo copy 6

My icon class teaching is increasing this year to include teaching an icon class at The Art Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY.  The Woodstock class this past summer was great and will probably offer that again this summer.  My ongoing Albany icon class is forming an iconography guild: St. Luke’s Guild of Iconographers and we are having our first Guild exhibition this November at the Slate Museum in Granville, copy 7

Michael has updated his photography portfolio and is increasing his client base and seeking an agent.  His website is:  I don’t know how he does everything, but he is passionate about our school, preparing the lessons and working with Carol MacNaughton on outreach opportunities.  The school will be going to an inner city church in Baltimore in October to practice praying on the streets with Jay Baylor.  Very exciting!IMG_5023

Our prayer requests for this month consist of prayers for new business for both of us, blessings on the students of Kingdom School, continued good health, and financial provision that we may grow and expand according to the vision God has placed within us.

We always thank God for all of you and pray for you constantly.  As we pray to our God and Father about you, we think of your faithful work, your loving deeds, and the enduring hope you have because of our Lord Jesus Christ.”       1 Thessalonians 1image


Sending you our love, prayers, and thanks for your prayers,



Michael and Christine


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