Monthly Archives: May 2011

Windy May

Greetings Dearest Friends and Family:

For what seems like more than a month, it’s been like walking into a head wind – every day!  I saw a photo of Obama and his wife meeting the Queen and the wind almost blew the Queen’s hat off, while Michelle’s hair and dress were all akimbo!

We’re excited to be coming to New York and Boston in June.   In the last month we’ve seen answers to so many prayers, particularly in regard to Revival here in Bristol.  It seems that the atmosphere in the city is quickened, and people are eager to gather and pray together.

We participated in the South Bristol Arts Trail by enjoying the Chilean Cafe at Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, where my icons were on display, Michael prayer walked and I went into artists homes to see their work.

The two watercolor classes I’ve been teaching are finishing up until the fall, so I’m praying for God to fill that space in the wonderful way He always does!   I have so much enjoyed the students in my classes – people over the age of 60 who have led interesting lives and have so much fun and joy to still share!

We finished up training for the Bethel Sozo at a conference in Nothampton, where the Holy Spirit made a powerful visit on the second morning which was really wonderful. Our House of Prayer meetings have been really powerful prayer sessions with a lot of travail and intercession. The spiritual mapping is being added to by a visit of one of World Trumpet Missions ministers from Uganda, Nicodemus, who has a lot of personal experience to draw on.

As I continue with my Prayer walks, God has been revealing to me how prevalent the demonic images are now in our culture. At the moment there seems to be a focus on the skull. It is interesting that Christ was crucified on Golgatha, the place of the skull. The skull is an emblem of death. Yesterday I saw a young boy of 5 running around the church  with a Tee shirt  which had 9 skulls on the front with different derivations on each one. I picked up a glossy magazine and there was a main line advert using many skulls to make up another image of their product. This is all over and not just skulls, bats, emblems of satan in one form or another. It is similar to the word, ‘wicked’ meaning good, and that is used in our society and in advertizing, like it is wicked good. The slow undermining of righteousness has disastrous consequences. This city  had riots over Tesco opening a shop in their area but does not complain or care that there are many sex trade locations, liquor stores, betting and pawn shops in the same area.

We are blessed with knowing so many Bristolians who are “fighting the good fight” each in their own way.  We ask for your prayers, more than ever now as we start moving with more effectiveness and purpose to claim Bristol and the UK for God’s Kingdom.  If any of you feels called to be part of an intercessory prayer team to pray for us here, please let us know!

We will be back in New York for our daughter’s wedding this week, and awaiting the birth of our first grandchild in June.  We will both be giving workshops at the Albany Diocesan Episcopal Convention June 11- mine will be on Painting with the Holy Spirit and Michael’s will be on spiritual mapping and prayer walking.   We will be at St. Michael’s Church in Colonie Sunday June 5, and Michael will be speaking at the Healing service at Christ the King  Spiritual Life Center, Tuesday, June 14.  We’d love to see you at any of these places!

It will be good to get some resolution on our house so we will be working to make something happen in that area on our trip.  Many thanks for your prayers as we seek God’s grace in it all!

We send you our love and prayers, as always.

Much love,

Christine and Michael