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Healing is Happening!

Dear Friends and Family:    photo copy 3

Summer is on the way – beginning with some beautiful weather and God’s fulfillment of our hopes in the form of budding, sprouting, and leafing life all around us!   We’ve had two visits to the Hamptons for photography for Michael and the Memorial service of our friend Bob Dash.  This spring/winer has brought several memorial services of good friends and we are so grateful to know our friends are in a better place, while still missing them. The thought of what they brought to our lives- the irreplaceable and inimitable presence each one carried remains within copy

Michael continues with preaching and teaching at area churches, with several wonderful testimonies of healings:

From the Albany Diocesan Convention June 7, 2014

“I just wanted to let you know the outcome of the prayer you did for me at convention. While you were praying for me, I felt a warmth spread through me from the top of my to the tip of my feet. I felt the throbbing in my leg just stop and when you asked me to move my ankle, it didn’t hurt! When I got up to go down for communion, the pain in my hip was significantly reduced and it didn’t hurt to go down or back up the stairs. My hip felt more stiff from sitting than the painful throbbing I had had in it before. As I walked up to the dining hall, it was as if I was working out the kinks in my hip and ankle and there there was no pain in my leg at all! I went to the healing service that night and Bishop Bill prayed for me. My ankle was still swollen so I thought more prayer couldn’t hurt! When he was praying for me, I again felt the warmth but it was centered in my left ankle. I went home after the service and for the first time in a couple of months, I slept the entire night without being woken up by pain in my ankle or hip. I got up Sunday morning and as soon as I stood up, I realized I felt no pain and when I looked down, my ankle was normal size! During our church service, I shared about the convention and the healing I had received. Again, I want to say thank you for listening to God and responding with prayer for me.     Dawn, Episcopal Convention 2014           photo copy 6

And of course we are  blessed that our Kingdom School Alumni: Father Tyler Slade, Youth Minister Albany Episcopal Diocese and his four interns, all of whom attended Kingdom School, led the youth at convention in the most Holy Spirit filled way!  Great work, guys! Work? It looks like fun to me!!! Watch the flash mob at convention if you don’t believe me!

Kingdom School will return again this fall with a new program called: Fired Up!


“Fired Up is a ten week intensive awakening to the activity of the Holy Spirit through Kingdom School. This course block has been carefully designed to Fire Up our Christian walk within 10 weeks of classes, conferences and ministering naturally in the supernatural. If you are HUNGRY to see God’s power working in your life and those around you then this is an opportunity not to miss.”  Contact Michael for more details

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God is blessing me with an exhibit at Beauregard Fine Arts in Rumson, NJ,  at the end of July – 11 paintings and we’re praying for a sold out show!  I’ll be leading an icon retreat August 3-9 at the Christian Community Church and retreat center in Hillsdale, NY. There are still a couple of spaces available, registration by July 10.

Icon writing class in Albany at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church has a slightly lighter summer schedule for the summer, so check with the website for dates.

So, that’s all for now. Call us, email, invite us to come visit!!! We are having fun and want to pray with you in person, too!  photo copy 4

Love and prayers, Christine and Michael

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