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Kingdom School

How would you like to start back to school after this glorious summer and get to meet new people who are as in love with God as you are?  About 20 people, young and not so young , from the Hudson Valley are going to be doing just that when our “Kingdom School”, Global Satellite Ministry School starts up September 13th.

We have been praying (and working :)) all summer that God would speak to the hearts of those He has chosen to take this course together and change the spiritual atmosphere of the Albany region.  We are all very excited now that it will be starting at St. Michael’s Church, Colonie, NY.  It will run Thursday evenings and all day Saturdays for nine months.  We chose this schedule to be able to accommodate many who have jobs and family responsibilities during the week.  We know it will be a thorough curriculum and training that will stretch us all, but we will all grow closer to God and one another as we find more ways to reach out and help the lost and forgotten ones in our area.

We have spent a lot of time and energy getting the word out about the school and Christine has developed wonderful communicating skills. We are now looking forward to spending time developing an interesting schedule of events and visiting speakers to add to the experience the students receive.

I, Christine, have been chosen to be one of the artists painting at Olana (Frederick Church’s mansion overlooking the Hudson River) at the end of September.  We are to go out and paint for three days,then bring the canvasses in for a silent auction Sept. 29.  I love to paint landscapes so this will be fun.  I also have been blessed with several really nice commissions so continue to earn my keep with teaching the two iconography classes each week.  That and the amazing amount of administrative work require to start a non profit and a school are keeping me pretty stretched already!

God has blessed Michael with some wonderful photography assignments, too, and his clients continue to be interesting and faithful.  His “extra” work this summer has been painting our huge house.  It’s now throughly scraped and primed.  All we need now is enough good weather to get the last coat on and we’re good for the rest of our life time!!!

We hear on the news the flooding in Louisiana affecting New Orleans again and also turn our thoughts to this country’s election in November. Our prayer group is praying for God’s hand to be on the election and for our country to be governed by God’s man  .We recognize the need for prayer in this nation that God’s will would be done for the leadership of this country. There is a call out for 40 days of prayer before the elections, not siding with any particular party but to really call on the will of God for the good of this country. ‘America for Jesus’ a solemn assembly in Philadelphia on the 29th of September is the same day as the National Day of  Prayer gathering in Wembley stadium in England. We believe that the season coming up is a time for intercession for our nations to turn back to Christ.  United we stand!!  Love to you from us!

Christine & Michael