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Spring is Finally here!

Hello Friends and Family:photo

What a long harsh winter! It’s only been this weekend that we have started to have some warm weather.  Finally starting to see crocuses and daffodils.  I used the long indoor hours to complete the large Icon commission for Saint Vincent’s Church in Albany.  It’s been rewarding and a great experience to “write” the images of saints who are inspirations in terms of social justice and caring for the poor.  There will be an installation sometime in May – will be sure to let you know about it._MG_1560

Spring is a perfect time to be thinking about the Celtic saints, particularly the way they saw God in nature. I love that Saint Brigit was known for blessing the dew of May and would leave a cloth out overnight to catch the Holy dew fall.  So beautiful when someone’s prayer life is that strong. Brigit is the next saint I will be doing an Icon of!photo

We went to the Voice of the Prophets conference last week and it was great to re connect with so many friends and some of our students. We realized that we are the only members of our organization in this part of New York. That’s a drawback because we would prefer to have others we could do ministry with!

Michael has been going with local pastors to host revival activities in Columbia County. They have about 6 dates throughout the spring and summer. Michael is sponsoring the August 1 Tent Revival meeting here in Philmont. He is arranging for a worship team and speakers from Baltimore to help out with it all.photophoto

Our ministry has been hosting the Artists + Friends Community Potluck Dinner on the third Friday of every month for four months now. Each night we have many artists come to share a meal, show slides of their work, and build a community of creatives who want to help each other grow.  It’s exciting and we hope you can all keep us in your prayers.  Really stepping out as a ministry into the community and building relationships outside the walls of the Church.

We need your prayers and your support in all these endeavors! We are so glad you are in our lives, and that we can count on your prayers – it makes such a difference. We love topiary for you too!

Stay in touch, love and prayers, Christine and Michael