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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  

We hope you’ve been able to share God’s joy this Christmas season with loved ones.  We’ve been so happy to be with all three of our children and their loved ones.  Our baby grandaughter is growing so fast – I’m so glad I get to see her in all these cute stages.  So far she still has red gold hair and loves being with people.

It seems that God is now showing us clearly what He is asking us to do and we are excited and happy to share that with all of you who have been giving us so much support all along!  Here’s what we know so far:

  •  We will be starting to host Praise and Worship Sunday afternoons at our house in Philmont,
  • Michael will be leading two Bible studies – one in the Library in Philmont Sunday evenings, and one Monday night at St. Michael’s Church in Colonie.
  • I will continue teaching iconography in Cohoes and start building up a drawing class here in Philmont.
  • We will be looking to start a GSSM (Global Awakening) satellite school of ministry in September and encourage people to go on the mission trip to Brazil with Randy Clark in October.
  • Return to the UK in April for a short term mission

All of this is exciting and will involve quite a few of our good friends too.  God is filling us with a hope for the future, and we hope you catch it from us! Somehow, I know He is up to something really good and we are encouraged daily by the news we hear from the UK.

Moving back to our old house has come with a string of issues but we are really grateful to be here and just yesterday received the whole of the space back. Looking back as to what God has done in our lives in the last two years is quite extraordinary, moving us and everything we owned to England and then hauling it all back again. We will be dedicating more than half the house for God’s purposes which would not have been in our thoughts before we left. God has rearranged our thinking in many areas.

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We really believe that 2012 is going to be a breakthrough year for revival in our region here in New York and in England. There has been a tangible shift in the heavenlies. There is an excitement that God is on the move. We believe that this shift will continue to become more apparent and active. As we continue to listen to what God is calling us to we look back and see how God has brought us into relationships with many different people and now He is calling us to reconnect with them and mobilize. God is calling us to get on His train because it is pulling out of the station.

Please keep us in your prayers and we will keep you up to date with what God is doing, but this we do know 2012 is going to be incredible, more than we can possibly imagine. For we know that nothing will be impossible with God.


Dear Friends and Family:

As November draws to a close, we have so much to be grateful for.  

Having Thanksgiving in Boston with our son, daughter-in-law and new grand daughter was delightful!  Being able to visit my mother who is recovering well from a broken hip and seeing her smiling, settling in back at our house, seeing old friends and making new friends.

But I wonder if you are experiencing the battles and seemingly unending difficulties that we are?  It’s almost becoming funny, that the moment we solve one huge problem and feel we can relax-BOOM!- another one hits.

And they all seek to distract us from the things that really ARE important.  Like prayer, worship, fellowship with God.  

This is our back garden – can you see the little deer?  There’s a family of them that live back there by the cross.  In a way, our succeeding in all the recent battles secures the safety of their home.   I think that is the way of intercessory prayer, too.  People willingly taking up the battle in prayer wins
peace for many others who are unaware of what it costs.      We are praying with a couple of icons these days -like this detail of Saint Anthony, the father of monasticism.

He was a great intercessor for his time and withstood many temptations and assaults from the demons. In 2 Chronicles 5:13 when Solomon completed the House of the Lord, and brought the Ark of the covenant in, it was the duty of of the trumpeters and singers to praise the Lord saying “For He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.”  I think this is the task – no matter how awful the onslaught is, to sing praise that God is good, He is always good, and His steadfast love endures forever.  When the people praised God with those words, the Glory of the Lord came down and filled the temple.

We are the Temple and what could be  better than being filled with the Presence of the Lord?  This photo is from the blessing of the icons and the iconographers’ hands at Saint Nicholas’ Church where I teach, in Cohoes last month. It was a joy and honor to be there.

We are planning for  a January start for a house Church in our home in Philmont, a small discipleship group, and Michael will be doing some Bible teaching.  We plan to be praying and asking to see if God is calling us to start a Global Awakening satellite school of ministry in this area in September.

Back in Bristol, we are so encouraged by all the prayer efforts that are happening there. It seems that people are uniting across the denominations to pray together – outside and inside churches. Dec 1 there is a UK wide prayer on the streets which some of our friends in Bristol are participating in, and John Mulinde’s World Trumpet Mission is having a strong prayer presence too.  There are many more prayer events and we are really thrilled to hear about each one, and we pray together with each one.   

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We are also seeing a very powerful presence of the Lord in some of the prayer meetings at St. Michael’s Church in Colonie and experienced being held on the floor by His Presence. We have both started prayer walking on the streets and find it a way to hear God’s heartbeat for the village. There was recently a death in this community which has shaken the village as it happened so quickly and it has opened up opportunities for us to pray for people. It has also revealed a strong masonic presence in the village. The words keep coming to my mind as we discern what God is doing here from a prayer session in June, “Build an Ark, in Philmont. A place of my powerful presence.” So we ask for your prayers for this that we would build God’s ark here, it so desperately needs it.

I prayed for a lady in the drug store in Boston the other day for her broken wrist, she literally said before I started to pray for her, ‘I wish someone would come along and bless me and get rid of all these demons attacking me.’ God had it all planned for me to be there. We always need to remember God has so much more for us than we can possibly imagine and when it seems to be so dark we need to hold on to God with all our heart, for He is really all there is and His love endures forever.

We hope you have a Happy Christmas with the true blessings of the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ our savior, born so humbly yet full of so much power in each of our lives today.

PS  We REALLY want and need your prayers!!! It makes a huge difference!!  And we will continue to pray for you too!           Love,            Christine and Michael.