Philmont Healing Service

Hello Friends and Family:

photo copy 4

Thank you all very much for your prayers.  We had a blessed healing service, right at the same time a huge music festival was going on a mile away.  Praying that God’s Holy Spirit blessed them too.

We were a small but mighty group, and our worship team did an amazing job of blessing us all.  There were at least three healings and a least one couple came from the three nights Michael went knocking door to door in Philmont.  The five Pastors of Philmont all worked together and everything was truly a gift from God.  Bless you our great intercessors.  Can’t do it without you! Next time we want more people!

photo copy 7





Here are a few more photos and a thousand thanks for your prayers.  Sending you love,

photo copy 8 photo copy 9 photo copy 10 photo copy 11


Christine and Michael

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