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May Blossoms

Dear Friends and Family:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.  Love does no wrong to anyone, so love satisfies all of God’s requirements.  Romans 13:9,10″

This spring we are reaching out into the community now that the grip of winter is over.  Our monthly Artists + Friends Community Potluck Dinner has been growing in many ways.  Each month we have 45-60 people coming to share a potluck meal and art work with each other. There are performers, visual artists, ceramicists, writers, poets , and we all gather to share our true selves with each other and celebrate what joins us together._MG_3602_MG_3617


Michael and I also met with some of our former students from Kingdom School for dinner and prayer: 8 adults and 5 babies under the age of 3!  So much fun!

The Icons for Saint Vincent’s Church are completed and will be dedicated on Pentecost! May 24th 11:00 am service you’re all invited!  It will be an exciting moment to see them unveiled!


Michael is going through a period of intense discernment to see where the Lord is leading him next. He has been exploring the opportunity for further training in Chaplaincy and is applying to Albany Medical Center to join the excellent program they offer there for Chaplains. He is also exploring the Lutheran denomination to see whether the Lord has a place for him in that stream. In the mean time we are beginning to see that our role within the artist community  is really laying a foundation for ministering to a group which has often rejected Christianity but are seriously searching for a fuller meaning to their creativity and life. God has extraordinary ways of weaving peoples lives together after long intervals of time, so we connect again in a different context for another opportunity to be in relationship. As we know God is all about relationships, with Him and with other people. We seem to be in a season of growing many new relationships and it is very life giving especially in the artist community.


We feel an excitement that God is forming a cohesive plan, we do not see it clearly yet but it is as though it is being created around us. The former students from Kingdom School are all on new and exciting paths, many of them are going through interior growing and healing. God has a plan and we are so excited to be just one part of what he is doing in the Hudson Valley. Please keep us in your prayers and let us know how we can pray for you.

Love, prayers, and blessings from us to you!

Christine and Michael















September News!

Dear Friends and Family:

Such a beautiful summer and so much to be thankful for.  We hope that you are all looking forward to fall and the new season.  Michael preached yesterday at West Hoosick Baptist Church and we were blessed to minister to the people there.  Here are two links to sermon excerpts:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL65r75seBE&feature=em-upload_owner


I had some trouble with the sound, sorry.  I need to improve my video skills :).


Kingdom Arts Ministry’s School, “Fired Up” has extended its Fall deadline to Wed, September 10.  Email Michael Hales for an application form: mhales@halesart.com

Fired Up is a high energy, hands on training school that supports people and local churches by training adults, aged 18 and older who are passionate about pursuing their God given destiny. Students will attend three away conferences to facilitate their ability to step out, have hands on training,  take risks and experience ministries that promote a culture of love, faith and honor.

Many Christians ask, ‘Is there More?’  Well we know there is always more when you pursue Jesus with a hunger. He responds with more revelation of who He is and where He wants to go with you. The Fired Up course is an experience of pursuing Jesus and the gift that He has given us, The Holy Spirit. Many Christians are unable to say what the Holy Spirit is let alone give you a personal account of being touched by it. This course is designed to give people an awakening into the nature of the Holy Spirit. If you are hungry for that in your life then this is for you no matter what denomination or church you go to. You will have a life changing experience and start on the road to your God given destiny.

If you have questions call Michael Hales on 518 672 0014 or send an e mail.photo copy 8

For information on Christine’s Healing Icon Retreat in Saratoga Springs, October 25 &26,   email Catherine Lanci at: nurselanci@hotmail.com

If you’d like to donate to our scholarship fund for students who want to take the school but can’t afford it, send checks to: Kingdom Arts Ministry, PO Box 927, Philmont, NY  12565

Kingdom Arts Ministry is a registered 501-c3 non profit.


Blessings and love,

Michael and Christine Hales





August and Classes for the Fall

Dear Friends and Family:  photo
We are excited about the possibility of teaching people again this fall.  So we are getting the word out where ever we can about the FIRED UP course Kingdom School has planned.

This weekend Michael will be preaching a sermon at Our Savior’s Lutheran on the verse, ‘Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand’, James 5:8. The heart being that guiding centre of our personal values system. The direction we follow and what decides how and why we live our lives the way we do. The second part of the verse concerns a time element, ‘the coming of the Lord is at hand.’  Those two parts, how we live our lives and how much time we have, is why I am so sure that the Fired Up course is really significant in what God is doing in the Albany area.  Fired UP a copy

We see a repositioning of a lot of different Christians coming into the Albany area, people moving out of situations controlled by the spirit of religion into new life giving situations. There has to be a change. We have to seek renewing of our hearts, we have become cold hearted and unable to be the vessels of God’s love. The Fired Up course will be an intense awakening of people who need to get out of the security of the boat and start walking on the water for Jesus. Its time. Its time to stop playing church and to start being living vessels of the Lord Jesus Christ, on fire and in love.    photo

So please let people know about Fired Up, the information is on Kingdom Arts Ministry website. This will be a challenging life changing experience and I can not wait to see who God has chosen for it. If you are unable to make it yourself but would like to contribute towards the scholarship fund there are people who could use some help financially.


See Christine’s Art/Icon blog for her news this month.



Sending you love and blessings,

Michael and Christine          www.mickhales.com      www.christinehales.com

Graduation and Pentecost!

Hello Friends and family:photo copy 5

Last Friday night was our Kingdom School Graduation at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Colonie, NY.  Our speaker was David Graham, a youth minister with  Victory Church in Albany. photo copy 4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Ew73YeNmQ We are so happy to have been able to watch our students grow in spiritual maturity, understanding, and experience.  They are all interns with the youth ministry at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, NY.  Summer Camp will be very blessed this summer by their work with the youth!

Michael participated in the National Day of Prayer rally on May 1 in Catskill. Here’s a link to a short video. So important to pray for our country, and for other countries.  photo copy 2


We were blessed with a visit from Pastor Dr. Tom Litteer and his beautiful wife, Marilyn.  They will removing back to their native Iowa so we wanted to have some time to show them our part of New York before they left. We visited Thomas Cole House in Catskill and also Olana – Frederick Church’s mansion in Hudson.

photo copy

I gave a talk at WAAM-Woodstock Artists Association Museum this month on Icons and contemporary art. It was well attended and I think people were excited to think about Icons alongside artists like Chagall, Matisse, etc.  The exhibition of icons at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock was very well received too. I was invited to speak there twice, and we blessed the icons when the exhibition was over.

My Pope Francis is above!

“Blessed is the person who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”  Jeremiah17:7  My drawing of Lincoln: photo copy 8

Bristol 2014 Pentecost Celebrations

Our friends in Bristol are still carrying on Revival in GB, and we are so happy to see how it is developing and growing.

Michael met Rodney Howard Brown recently in Baltimore and ministered in the streets with him and his team. Rodney is spending time in Washington DC and putting his prayer focus on Congress and the military. Here is a link:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rodney-Adonica-Howard-Browne/31553452437

photo copy 7

Until next month, here is a blessing I would like to give you:

“I bless you with a strong sense in your Spirit of standing on the solid rock of God’s faithfulness and timing.  I bless you with unshakeable confidence that your Father is in charge of your circumstances.  I  bless you with allowing your Father to replace your burden with His faith, your disappointment with His hope, your doubts with His love. ”            ( excerpts from Arthur Burk”s  “Blessing Your Spirit” book.)

Please keep us in your prayers – we can feel the blessings everyday from your prayers and you are in ours,

In His love,photo copy 6

Christine and Michael





September Beginnings

Dear brothers and sisters, we can’t help but thank God for you, because your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing.”  2Thessalonians 1IMG_4689

Kingdom School has begun, but not as we thought it would!  So many changes – location changed to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Colonie, the  meeting times have changed as we moved from being a GSSM Satellite school to a school that uses teachings from several on line sources but still attends Global Awakening conferences as often as possible .IMG_0296

We have found that the process is more important than the end result.  Through all these changes we have grown in our relationships with the Christians and men and women of God in our area and are understanding more of what role we can play in Revival in the Hudson Valley and Albany Region.  The key is to listen and pay attention to what God is blessing and move in that direction.  That usually means giving up some ideas we’ve had and making room for new ones!IMG_4753

This seems like a good time to look back over what our ministry has accomplished over the past year and we wanted to share with you some of the highlights:

*Taking a team of 15 people to the Global Awakening Conferences in Pennsylvania 3 times last year was an incredible experience.  Watching our students grow in maturity in Christ and gain from the experienced leadership of Randy Clark and others was exciting and gratifying.IMG_4740

*Graduation with over 100 people from this area attending and outstanding pastors from this area: Pastors Stan Slager, Jay Francis, Bart Henegan, Chuck Englefield, Don & Nancy Childs,Rev. Susan Baker Borjeson,Fr. Steve & Lorrie Hart, Fr. Tyler & Audrey Slade, and many others all attesting to the impact the school is having in our area.

* Philmont Community Spirit Day and The Healing service on the Village Green in Philmont were such fun ways to join together with the pastors and people of Philmont who love God and enjoy each others’ company.IMG_5025

*Running Kingdom School 2013-2014 – a unique ministry training program for people to mature in their faith and become equipped to carry the message of the Gospel into everyday life.IMG_4962


*I’ve also identified my painting calling more specifically and have spent the summer working on a portfolio of landscapes with which to approach commercial galleries – these can be seen at: www.christinehales.com.  Also I took an egg tempera workshop with Koo Schadler and for my class project I am copying a Raphael portrait.  It isn’t finished yet, but am including a photo of its present state, then next month you will hopefully see it completed.  Egg tempera skills have improved dramatically and I’m ready to do some new icons!photo copy 6

My icon class teaching is increasing this year to include teaching an icon class at The Art Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY.  The Woodstock class this past summer was great and will probably offer that again this summer.  My ongoing Albany icon class is forming an iconography guild: St. Luke’s Guild of Iconographers and we are having our first Guild exhibition this November at the Slate Museum in Granville, NY.photo copy 7

Michael has updated his photography portfolio and is increasing his client base and seeking an agent.  His website is: www.Mickhales.com.  I don’t know how he does everything, but he is passionate about our school, preparing the lessons and working with Carol MacNaughton on outreach opportunities.  The school will be going to an inner city church in Baltimore in October to practice praying on the streets with Jay Baylor.  Very exciting!IMG_5023

Our prayer requests for this month consist of prayers for new business for both of us, blessings on the students of Kingdom School, continued good health, and financial provision that we may grow and expand according to the vision God has placed within us.

We always thank God for all of you and pray for you constantly.  As we pray to our God and Father about you, we think of your faithful work, your loving deeds, and the enduring hope you have because of our Lord Jesus Christ.”       1 Thessalonians 1image


Sending you our love, prayers, and thanks for your prayers,



Michael and Christine


Works in Progress!

Hello Friends and Family:  photo copy 5

I hope this August finds you well – what great weather we are having!  Michael and I have been praying for two things that will both be happening on Saturday, August 10 and we would like to ask you to pray for these events too!

First, At Coxsackie Gospel Community Church at 10AM we will hold an informational meeting about the GSSM Satellite Kingdom School to see how many people may be interested in attending this year.  Registration deadline is August 22 so we need to know soon if we will have enough people to run the school again this year.photo copy 6

Please keep that in your prayers, that God will open the hearts of those He wantxs to attend and that they would come forward with papplications.  If we don’t get enough people, we are fine with whatever God wants to do.

God has been blessing both of us in our professions this month, me with some significant painting sales and two excellent icon classes to teach, and Mick with some jobs and new clients.  We know it is so important to always be seeking what God is doing and come into agreement with that, so please pray for us to see and hear Him clearly.

photo copy 3

The second event on Saturday, August 10 is the Philmont Healing Service to be held on the Village Green at 4PM.  THe meeting Michael has been hosting of the Philmont Pastors believed they heard from God to hold this healing service on this date.  “Coincidentally” there will be a huge punk-rock festival with thousands of people drinking and all the rest and it just a couple of miles away and it will be in full swing on August 10. Yay God! Something is going on in the heavenlies and our little band of four ministers are going to lead a healing service that we pray will change the atmosphere of this village forever.  We are praying that all the young and neglected families from Main street will come with their children.  Our friend Brenda has made some of her amazing posters which we now have all over town. gold SO, wherever you are, please lift us up in prayer on Saturday, August 10.  We re praying for healings, restored relationships, and a changed atmosphere – that the spirits of poverty, addiction, mockery, unbelief and alcoholism be gone, in Jesus’ name.

We will be posting the photos and news from Philmont Healing Service Day.  Thank you for your  prayers!

Love you all!

Michael and Christine

Fourth of July Weekend!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!IMG_7241

Hot, beautiful, and and a four day weekend – yay!  We’re working in the heat but also taking time to play at the Lake and go to the opening of the contemporary drawings in Kingston where I have a drawing on Sat eve.  Looking forward to bringing God to the art world of Kingston, in abstract form!  Good place to try it out, I say!


Fourth of July is a big deal in our home – my son was born on the Fourth of July, my grandfather on the 2 and my father and my son’s other grandfather on the 3rd of July. sunflower Michael and I are both on a “read the Bible through in a year” program and have just finished the Book of Numbers.  It is so clear to us that we personally are on the verge of entering into God’s Promises for us as we step out into our fields of art and photography to be all that God has created us to be.  As we read the story of Moses and the Israelites, there are so many lessons for us, to make sure we DO receive the Promises Go has for us.  I am now inspired to create an icon of Joshua and Caleb!  Such a good example for us to keep our minds fixed on the prize, not the problems!!!!  I know you know what I mean!


Michael has a book proposal out that we are praying w ill come through, and some new clients this spring. Yay! His website: www.mickhales.com is receiving lots of international attention, too, praise God.

We both feel that we owe a great deal of our every and enthusiasm for achieving our unique destiny to our attending and then running a Global Awakening School.  Words cannot express the many revelations we have received from the teachings and relationships we have formed are priceless.  It is so worth all that we have paid to  have that experience.  We were stuck, before going to that school. We couldn’t figure out what to do to get unstuck.  But the teachings and the school’s directors gradually gave us the insight and deeper connection with God that we needed to be able to see our lives and professions more clearly – through God’s eyes, not our own.HHI


Michael Has created a beautiful video describing what our school does: Kingdom School PR.
The address is  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xuy2Zw-yXpM

SO, our news for now is that we are spreading news of the School for a fall start in September.  Michael is in the middle of plans to hold another Philmont Revival here in August but more when those plans are finalized.  I’m going to put our flyer that Michael designed here in the hopes you will share it with those you think would be blessed by our school.  Sending you all lots of love and prayers, and we look forward to  hearing from you soon,

Christine and Michael

Kingdom Flyer Petal b

Easter 2013

Hello Friends and Family:

photoIt’s Easter tomorrow, having come so early this year as to be in advance of most signs of spring.  It seems odd, walking and praying in the countryside the day before Easter and it’s still winter!  But Sunday’s comin’!  photo

“Father, it’s time.

Display the bright splendor of Your Son

So the Son may in turn show your bright splendor.” John 17:1  Message


I know for us this last many months have been long days and nights of hard work, prayer, and hope that we can make an impact in our spheres of influence that will show Christ’s love in a meaningful way.  Sometimes that looks like teaching, sometimes forgiving, a lot of loving people and calling them higher, traveling from place to place and reaching out to share what we have been given.

IMG_3307 1 IMG_3259 1 IMG_3110

Starting a contemporary ministry school in Albany, NY where 97% of the population is unchurched has been both rewarding and challenging.  We both are in awe of our students and their dedication and commitment to growing in their relationship to God.  We love watching them transform into more of what God created them to be, and we ourselves are experiencing similar transformation.  And it’s not done yet!  We have a major conference in Lancaster Pa- the Voice of the Prophets Conference in April which the entire school is going to.  We are all fasting and praying for major breakthroughs for that conference.

We were very blessed to have Global Awakening’s School Director, Michael Hutchings, come for a two day visit during which he hit home runs everywhere he went!  At school he gave prophetic words and encouragement to the students, as well as inspired teaching on the Kingdom.  The next day he preached at Gospel Community Church in Coxsackie, NY and we were all blessed by not only his anointed preaching, but also by the youth of that church sharing their testimonies of having gone out by themselves to pray for people at the mall.  We are praying for more experiences like we had with the youth at Coxsackie.  Michael and I are organizing several Outreach days for our students to preach and teach in area churches throughout the spring and summer.  We are considering having a second year starting in the fall as well as another first year of training.  So, please keep all this in your prayers.  We feel very much in keeping with the season – lots of hope and promise but the ground is still very cold!

We bought this rooster painting today from Hudson street artist “Earl”.  Seemed appropriate for the season!   photo


I have two pieces in a digital art exhibition called “Holy Men, Holy Women”, and will be taking part in a panel discussion with other exhibitors from the Windows on Heaven exhibition in Metuchen, NJ where ten of my icons are currently on display.

Michael has two new articles recently published in NYC & G and in Flower magazine. He also gave a talk in Southampton at the Madoo Conservatory called ‘Catch the Eye’, about how our eye works in a garden, for our friend Robert Dash painter and gardener.

We are very excited about what the summer brings and look forward to a busy year preparing for the next year with Kingdom GSSM Satellite School.photo

Please keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours.

Love & Prayers,

Michael and Christine