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The Eagle Has Landed!

Recently Christine and I were swimming in our communal pool, close to sunset, and we had a visitation from a bald eagle. It swept into a tree close by, then decided to come and perch directly above our pool, on a low oak bow. We watched it and it watched us. We prayed and sang in tongues. It watched us. We treaded water and swam, it kept watching us. Half an hour later we finished swimming and the eagle was still there.

Mick Hales
c. Mick Hales

Biblically, eagles are associated with Old testament prophets. They are also symbolic of spiritual victory. They are one of four faces of the cherub, along with humans, lions and eagles. They are often described in flight because that is where their beauty, speed and power is really evident. They are also very caring and nurturing for their young.


In June 20th 1782 the bald eagle was adopted as the American national emblem and appears on many forms of coinage, bills and national insignia. The eagle represented leadership and freedom. At this moment America is poised at possibly the most significant political election of our lifetime. Which direction the eagle flies will determine the kind of world we live in.

Mick Hales
Mick Hales plant

America, for many, was known, as a ‘great melting pot’, where people of all kinds, color or social standing could join in, with grit and desire, to form an extraordinary blending of multiple talents. This blending was unique in its vision of and for freedom. Unfortunately, that vision has fallen into multiple layers of divisive misinformation. The real truth about America is hard to identify, but that has become our work of the future. The ‘truth and reconciliation’ programs which have led many nations and communities out of extreme division and destruction, could be explored here. However, that route functions not through a spirit of politics, of domination and contrition. It has to come through the Holy Spirit, of truth and forgiveness.

Flower.Mick Hales
Flower.Mick Hales

The church, in its collective nature, needs to focus not on the realm of politics, but on the Holy Spirit and Kingdom of God.  

John 8:31-32  “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The church has handed it’s work over to politicians and politicians have run with that power for their own gain. We need to really find the truth behind the deep roots of division and disparity of race, employment, incarceration and health within America.  The church is the only body capable of doing that. 

Plants.Mick Hales
Plants.Mick Hales

So, I am praying, for righteous leaders to start searching for truth and reconciliation, from within the church. To come forth to lead a unified church, not from the fallen platform of politics, but through the living body of Christ. It has worked in the past and with prayer it can happen again here, ‘in the land of the free.’

I hope that is a prayer you could join with me in.

Sending Love and prayers,

Michael and Christine Hales

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