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The Hales’ Move to Bristol, UK!

This is the result of a hard early morning’s work, loading our stuff onto the container which is now headed for Bristol from Philmont NY!! (via Southampton, UK)  We had Michael, My son and daughter-in law , Mark and Kristi, our Dog Dylan, our son August and his girlfriend Lauren, and Micah’s fiancee, Tor.  Not in the picture are Micah and me, two more hardworking women!

We later had so  much fun, gathering together  as a family that we decided to decorate cupcakes!

We didn’t expect to have all this amazing help with the move, so Michael and I were so happy to have all our children around us at such a momentus time in our lives.

As most of you know, after graduating from Global School of Supernatural Ministry, Michael and I felt called to move to England as missionaries, spreading God’s Word in a culture which is becoming increasingly less Christian every day.
Having our family’s support and love as we give up our house and set off on this mission is very important to us.  At the time we loaded the container we did not have a definite address for it to be delivered!  So much of this is an act of faith.  I found this part difficult – I like knowing where my home is going to be!Once in England, we stayed with Mike’s family for a few days and signed a lease for our new terraced house.  Then we took a couple of days’ break and visited Devon, the County Mike is from.He looks pretty happy to be home!

There’s lots more to tell you, but this is my first Bristol blog of many more to come.  Truth to tell, I’ve been ill for the last few days, hence my availability to sit at the computer and do this!  But it’s been on my heart, to keep a steady line of communication with all of you we love, and who are praying for us.

God has blessed us with finding a church we love, and even a group of zany Christian artists called “Love Bristol” who just put on a major conference with Bill Johnson last week.  I got to paint prophetically, and Mike did the Photography for the conference We are all praying for Revival and we believe Bristol will be a gateway for Revival in the UK

Here are Dylan and myself at our new home on Chatsworth Rd in Bristol.  We like it!  Moving Day!  And we were so blessed to have our new friends show up on moving day when the container arrived at our new home!  So what seemed impossible to me, God made possible.  And we are so blessed to have such great new friends.  More another day!! Please comment on our blog – we love to hear from you.

BTW  our address is: 19 Chatsworth Rd., Arnos Vale, BS4 3EX, Bristol, England

We send you our love and prayers and earnestly desire yours!!