From the Albany Diocesan Convention June 7, 2014

“I just wanted to let you know the outcome of the prayer you did for me at convention.  While you were praying for me, I felt a warmth spread through me from the top of my to the tip of my feet.  I felt the throbbing in my leg just stop and when you asked me to move my ankle, it didn’t hurt!  When I got up to go down for communion, the pain in my hip was significantly reduced and it didn’t hurt to go down or back up the stairs.  My hip felt more stiff from sitting than the painful throbbing I had had in it before.  As I walked up to the dining hall, it was as if I was working out the kinks in my hip and ankle and there there was no pain in my leg at all!  I went to the healing service that night and Bishop Bill prayed for me.  My ankle was still swollen so I thought more prayer couldn’t hurt!  When he was praying for me, I again felt the warmth but it was centered in my left ankle.  I went home after the service and for the first time in a couple of months, I slept the entire night without being woken up by pain in my ankle or hip.  I got up Sunday morning and as soon as I stood up, I realized I felt no pain and when I looked down, my ankle was normal size!  At our church service, I shared about the convention and the healing I had received. Again, I want to say thank you for listening to God and responding with prayer for me.

Dawn, Episcopal Convention

For many years, I have believed in God’s power to heal.  In the past, any time I laid hands on someone and prayed for them to get well, I felt blessed by the experience.   Pastor Michael Hales taught me that it is my *responsibility* to pray for the healing of others.   I learned I had been under-utilizing God’s awesome power!     No disease, illness, or condition is too big or too small for Him to handle.   Please, Lord, use me again and again as Your vehicle!   And THANK YOU, Lord, for healing me!   —

Linny, Methodist.

“Michael and Christine’s ministry was such a huge blessing to us.  God moved powerfully through their teaching, prayers and impartation and the transformation of of the parish and individuals continues!  We were so blessed!  Thank you Lord!

Father Jim French, St. Luke’s Church Episcopal

I was very much pleased with the training Pastor Michael Hales provided us Saturday, May 17th.  I especially appreciated his prayer in the afternoon after a some what heated discussion about gay people (as well as your own insights) and our need to love all people as Jesus would have us do.  I also benefited from the healing service that evening, as I truly felt the Holy Spirit come alive in myself and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Bottom line, Pastor Hales’ approach to healing, knowlege of healing, and style was right on the mark for me.  It was on all accounts a snap experience.”

Mike, Methodist,


Thank you for your ministry at our church. I wish to have more people come.

But to those who could attend it was a blessing. Thank you for praying for

my family. I’m much better now; my wife still has the eye issue.

Joseph,  Methodist Pastor.

Michael Hales spoke for a Sunday worship at Our Savior’s in July and was warmly received.  His message was solid and steadfast to the Word and demonstrated a humble heart as well as an intimacy with the Lord.  God was glorified after the later worship service as he and his wife were used to minister a wonderful healing/deliverance to a recent high school graduate, who shared testimony via a/v recording a couple Sundays later.

Paul. Lutheran Pastor


We have just returned from the annual New Wine Conference at Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet which we attended with other member of St Paul’s Church.

While we were there George received a miracle of healing from God.

Following a triple heart bypass over 11 years ago, and not being expected to live, George has suffered from congestive heart failure and peripheral vascular disease. This has become progressively more and more debilitating and, according to our vascular surgeon, inoperable in George’s case which meant that he was in constant pain and unable to walk or stand for any length of time. The pain in his legs took the form of severe cramps that came as soon as he made any attempt to walk or stand. Although George has borne this stoically, he had become more and more disabled by this incurable condition and was particularly low just before we went away to New Wine.

The Friday before we left for the conference we had been leading a praise and healing night in St Paul’s Church, and for the very first time George said to me that he could no longer continue to play the drums or set up the PA in the future as he was in too much pain.

Over the years, in spite of the severe pain he has been in, he has continued to support us and set up the PA and play the drums, but this time we all knew that he couldn’t continue.

On the Monday at New Wine George was very poorly and breathless and his walking even more laboured and painful than before. Margaret actually felt that this might be  the end as the original bypass surgery was only anticipated to give George another 10 years maximum to live.

Tuesday lunchtime we made painfully slow progress across the Marketplace display area towards the food hall in order to get some lunch. As George slowly made his way, stopping every few yards waiting for the cramps to subside a little before he continued, a man came up to him and asked if he could pray for him. George’s normal reaction would have been to say no, but he was so low and in so much pain that he agreed. The man put his hand gently on George’s shoulder and said that the pain he was suffering was not right and spoke Jesus healing into his body. Immediately George felt all the pain go and his body relax. Since that moment there has been a transformation in his physical body. He looks like the man he was before the original collapse over 11 years ago. The pain lines which were etched into his face have disappeared, he is able to walk upright so he looks taller, and the signs of circulatory disorder including blue fingernails and ice cold lower legs and numb feet have gone. He is sleeping for the first time in years in a normal position (which means Margaret is also sleeping properly for the first time in years) and is waking refreshed and able to get up and enjoy the day instead of having to rest in bed until almost lunchtime because of the pain.

Praise the Lord, He is a miracle worker! He knew our need and met it in a miraculous way. Through that simple step of obedience from the man that prayed with George a miracle occurred.

After George gave his testimony on the platform at New Wine one evening, 11 people came to him for prayer (praying for people to be healed is something George has never been involved in before), and when we got home a friend of ours who has been suffering a long time with a bowel and stomach condition was quietly prayed for and has received healing also.

Margaret, Solace Ministry. England August 2011.


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  1. Hello
    Do you have any prophetic arts classes? I live in Orange County NY and just got back from Bethel Church Redding, CA.

    I’m searching around our area.

    Thank you so much!

    1. HI Angie: Happy to hear of your interest in Prophetic Art classes, but I don’t know of any in this part of New York. It’s still a new field and not many people interested, I’m afraid. Blessings on your journey,

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