Daily Archives: August 8, 2013

Works in Progress!

Hello Friends and Family:  photo copy 5

I hope this August finds you well – what great weather we are having!  Michael and I have been praying for two things that will both be happening on Saturday, August 10 and we would like to ask you to pray for these events too!

First, At Coxsackie Gospel Community Church at 10AM we will hold an informational meeting about the GSSM Satellite Kingdom School to see how many people may be interested in attending this year.  Registration deadline is August 22 so we need to know soon if we will have enough people to run the school again this year.photo copy 6

Please keep that in your prayers, that God will open the hearts of those He wantxs to attend and that they would come forward with papplications.  If we don’t get enough people, we are fine with whatever God wants to do.

God has been blessing both of us in our professions this month, me with some significant painting sales and two excellent icon classes to teach, and Mick with some jobs and new clients.  We know it is so important to always be seeking what God is doing and come into agreement with that, so please pray for us to see and hear Him clearly.

photo copy 3

The second event on Saturday, August 10 is the Philmont Healing Service to be held on the Village Green at 4PM.  THe meeting Michael has been hosting of the Philmont Pastors believed they heard from God to hold this healing service on this date.  “Coincidentally” there will be a huge punk-rock festival with thousands of people drinking and all the rest and it just a couple of miles away and it will be in full swing on August 10. Yay God! Something is going on in the heavenlies and our little band of four ministers are going to lead a healing service that we pray will change the atmosphere of this village forever.  We are praying that all the young and neglected families from Main street will come with their children.  Our friend Brenda has made some of her amazing posters which we now have all over town. gold SO, wherever you are, please lift us up in prayer on Saturday, August 10.  We re praying for healings, restored relationships, and a changed atmosphere – that the spirits of poverty, addiction, mockery, unbelief and alcoholism be gone, in Jesus’ name.

We will be posting the photos and news from Philmont Healing Service Day.  Thank you for your  prayers!

Love you all!

Michael and Christine