End of Summer

Dear Family and Friends:

Hello again from Bristol, UK.  It’s always hard to say good bye to summer, but this year we celebrated with the annual Bristol Balloon Festival.  Thousands of people went and it was a beautiful afternoon – apparently it’s the biggest balloon festival in Europe ( can’t say as I’ve ever heard of a balloon festival before!)

We’ve been reading some inspiring biographies on men of faith and the power of prayer,   George Mueller and Rees Howells.  George Muller was a minister in Bristol who God asked to start orphanages to take care of the homeless children in the UK.  By faith, he started what eventually became five orphanages and cared for over 10,000 orphans.  His legacy of faith inspires many people here and we talk about opening the ancient wells of spiritual heritage here from people like him, also John Wesley’s first chapel is in Bristol too.

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While we wish we were more connected in our ministry by now, we do have some progress to report:  We attended the Charismatic Anglican “New Wine” Conference http://www.new-wine.org/summer in August, and met many good ministries there, we connected with Andy Freeman of Britain’s 24-7 Prayer movement http://uk.24-7 prayer.com/ and are exploring setting up a 24-7 house of prayer here in Bristol.  Here’s a link to the blog I’ve just started for it. http://revival4uk.wordpress.com/ We are praying about starting up a monthly calendar with one and two hour slots people can sign up for to pray either at their home, work place, or church.  Eventually we hope to have a house of prayer space here in Bristol.

We visited Bath City Church this summer and it has lots of great things happening there- we hope to join in with them, too as the year progresses. http://www.bathcitychurch.org.uk/

Bath has lovely gardens and Roman Baths.

We have been attending

We have been attending Woodlands Community Church in Bristol  http://www.woodlandschurch.net/ which has about 1000 people, mostly college age.  We have been asked to host a pastorate- a home group in our home starting in September.  We are so happy!  It’s what we have been praying for – to be in a close community of Christians who we can pray with and transform our community.  So, thanks for your prayers!!

Now we are getting ready to go to a conference called “Greenbelt”   http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/ for 3 days of camping!!!  Help!  I’ve never camped before, but these Brits camp ALL THE TIME!!  Good grief!  AND the weather is supposed to be horrible!  But these are Christian artists – of all kinds- and we have to go.  This, however is our tent- where we will be living from Friday August 27 through Sunday:)

So, more prayers, please!!!  Please pray that we will be warm, meet lots of great people, new friends, and see a place for our ministry here.  Also, we request your prayers for God to bless us with finances to fund our work here.  We are applying for jobs of all kinds, and any door the Lord opens will be a good one!  Last week I was blessed to get my NI (like our social security number) so I can work now, Yipee!  And Mike is working to get established as a photographer here, and also applying for jobs of any kind to keep us going through the winter.

Well, be well, and be sure to comment your thoughts and any prayer requests.  We’re going to be trying to respond to each comment (I’ve learned that’s what you’re supposed to do :)) .   So, keep your comments coming!  We love you passionately and want to stay in touch,


Christine and Michael

19 Chatsworth Rd, Arnos Vale, Bristol,  BS43EX  UK

0117 904 8988

11 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. Hi Christine and Mike…. Praise God, it sounds liek there definitely IS progress for you. Alleluia. I have read G Meuller’s bio and Rees Howell’s Intercessor, 2 of my favorite which continuously inspire me. I’ve read them several times in the last 20 yrs or so… Such men of faith and vision and perseverance. Right now I’m back on Kathryn Kuhlman books… wow!

    I love balloon festivals… we have them in VA and in the south west (USA) they’ve got them there often too. I love the way they dot the sky ful of color. So beautiful.

    Camping huh!! yikes, will be praying for warmth and good sunny weather and good warm contacts with other artists. Saw Deb Brown not look ago and she is tearing up the place.. God is really using her in BIG ways. YOu may know she might be coming to visit Bristol some time in the near future… yee ha!!
    Blessings to you my friends,
    love Celine

  2. Wow! You sure are taking in some beautiful scenery. I love the pictures of the balloon festival and the tent on the beach. 🙂 Happy camping! We loved doing that when I was a kid. It’s always a bonding experience because you have to solve problems together as a family.

    I know your home group will be dynamic and life-changing. That’s the kind of people that you are!

    Bless you guys!

  3. Chris, Seems you are making great progress, may seem slower than you wish, but from afar, you have made great strides. You look wonderful, and Michael, and adorable puppie too!

    We miss you, all well here, lots of change, always to be expected… Stay well, love/Mom

  4. Michael and Christine – I am so happy to hear about your adventures. May doors open wide for you both and may the blessings of the Lord be on and all around you!

  5. Sounds like you have been doing lots and making strides in what you need to do. This is all a walk of Faith! Keep up the good work! God Blesses those who are faithful! While you have been gone the family has increased we are now grandparents! God blessed us with Samuel Louis born a month early to the day!

  6. I’m always super excited to get your progress! I’m not much of a camper wither, which Michael knows, but it can be quite fun so I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I will keep the two of you in prayer and I wait with excitement to hear all that Father has done for you.


  7. My dear I love reading your news and just wish I was techy enough to do the same for my adventures in the North Country:) The balloons look fabulous and also the 24/7 prayer movement there in the UK is light years ahead of many countries…..good for you!

    The tent was VERY small!! Hope you survived OK?

    I have just got my first home ever and am busy painting and sanding floors…..so happy!
    I am still painting and hoping to introduce the Young Adults to some evangelism using art in the fall:)

    Thank you for what u did in my life through the track…..please send any inspiration or ideas when you have chance:)

    Love you both!

  8. Dear Christine and Michael:

    So good to about all you are doing. I hope the camping went well. Not much fun being in a tent if it’s cold and rainy. I will be going up to my camp in the Adirondacks for the Labor Day Weekend Holiday. I had hoped to swim, but it will be unseasonably cool. I have materials to do some prophetic artwork up there however, and I am looking forward to doing some drawing.

    There used to be a balloon festival each year here in Greenville not all that long ago. One of the balloons actually landed in the one of my neighbor’s fields. That was a blast to see.

    It sounds like things are coming together for you and Michael. Bristol looks like a charming town. Your house group sounds very exciting. When I lived in Pittsburgh, the church I attended had several college students due to the 2 universities there. Several of the students came from other countries. I enjoyed getting to meet them. It’s hard for me to believe that my oldest niece is starting her freshman year at college this weekend. Brandy will be attending Northeastern University in Boston. Hurricane Earl is not stopping her either!

    A church with a 1000 parishioners, WOW. What a contrast to Christ Church Coxsackie. I think when you and Michael were attending we had an average Sunday attendance of 25! It’s not much higher than that now, but the Lord is certainly moving here. We miss both of you.

    I am looking forward to hearing about all that God will be doing for you. I will keep you in my prayers, particularly for provision. May the Lord continue to bless both of you mightily.



  9. Christine, so happy to hear that you and Michael are doing well. Blessings and love to you. From here, it’s so exciting, really courageous what the two of you are doing. Be encouraged.

    1. HI Christine: So good to hear from you and be encouraged. This IS really difficult, and I so appreciate your prayers. How are your studies going? Much love to you,

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