Summer is Here

At the Randy Clark Conference in Bath

In June we’ve had so many people receive healings, both physical and spiritual, through the Randy Clark conferences in Bath, Sheffield, and Southampton, and also through Bill Johnson’s Conference in Bristol.  We’ve helped out in both – Michael doing camera work and photography and myself in prayer team and prophetic painting.

Prophetic Painting is on the beginning edge here, and I met another prophetic artist with a similar call to set up a creative house of prayer in Romania.  We are praying about the House of creativity and prayer that we are called to so it’s great to be friends with a similar missionary.

This is the painting I did during worship at the Bill Johnson Conference.  The presence of God was so heavy, the worship team half crawled to the stage, Bill went to pray for each one and the lead singer fell over on the floor, along with half the team!  When they finally started playing, this is what I painted.  God was showing me how to take an incredible leap of faith and He talked me all the way through it.  At least one person received deliverance from watching it being painted – a dancer.  Many others said they received healing from spiritual issues.When they showed this as background to Bill speaking, Michael and I both saw extra angels in it!  Several times we saw that!  I think God was painting too! What could be more fun?     Here are some photos which feature our house -small but very nice.                                                                                              Well, this will be a shorter blog – more later this month.  We are going to spend Friday (tomorrow)fasting and praying to hear more of God’s will for us.  So, please keep us in your prayers, too.  We absolutely cannot do this without your prayers!  I believe we are at a point now where we need to really hear from Him, and begin to reach out in the direction He has for us.  This will be an exciting summer and we look forward to sharing it with all of you.  We miss you!  We look forward to your comments and posts!  You are all in our prayers, daily, and we send you our love,

Michael and Christine

One of our first dinner parties in our new home (includes two of the afore mentioned worship team!.

20 thoughts on “Summer is Here

  1. Well, I don’t know if its the coloring, the expert photography, or just your aura, but these photos are wonderful!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome that you are doing work you love… A leap of faith, is better than a lack of faith. You will succeed……So happy you are well, was concerned!

    Ria, and I have been enjoying the beach..h2o warm, ocean lucky are we to live on the shore..such peace and beauty. Stay well and positive Love you/ mom

  3. I love those big, happy, beaming smiles! Thanks for sending an update. I’m missing you both very much… LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!! xo Micah

  4. Christine and Michael, So good to hear from you. Loved the painting as in your book from GSSM. God’s blessings come through as a river. Thank you for the beauty of sharing your work. I miss you. Glad to hear of God’s healings and works. Yeah God.

  5. Hi! Great to hear from you. LOVE the leap of faith! God is so moving in and through you!! Am doing a Prophetic Art Workshop at CCC July 31st with two other artists. Please keep us in prayer for that day and the preparation for it. 🙂

  6. It’s great hearing about the effect the conferences have had on the attendees and the area. I pray more for you both and I’m excited to hear what the “more” will be.

    Much love

    1. We feel that way about you all! God is teaching us so much about faith. We are so blessed! And thank you all for being part of it all. I will be sending out a blog soon with links to two or three conferences we will be attending this summer – they sound like incredible fun!
      We are spending a lot of our ministry efforts on meeting people from as many different streams of Christianity as we can, getting involved with small intercessory prayer groups, there’s a lot going on. We want to see and pray, and really listen to where God is calling us – not go ahead on our own ideas, but really wait and make sure it’s HIM!!
      Give our love to yourself and everyone!
      Michael and Christine

  7. Greetings from Bristol, Maine.
    We missed you at the Christian Healing Ministries in New England Conference, but I’m glad to see that you are blessing so many people in England….and being blessed.
    I love the painting!
    I’m going to forward your info to our pastor in Florida, Lynne Barletta, who also does
    prophetic art.

    1. Hi Barbara and Charlie: Pretty cool that you are in Bristol Maine – maybe we could pray for both cities! God is showing us so much here. We are stepping out in faith that He will provide and it is so wonderful trusting in Him! He will always come through, and sometimes, when you rely on His Presence, He even comes early!!
      Love you guys, keep us posted about what you’re doing. What’s happening with your Maine house?

      Love you,
      Christine and Michael

  8. We’ll definitely be praying for you as you fast today. May the Lord speak directly to your hearts today!

  9. Dear Michael and Christine,
    Glad to hear that you are so happy in the Lord. I love your painting Christine. Much beauty in it. Thank You for sharing!

    1. Hi Linda:
      How are you? How is your summer going? It is beautiful here, and God is so faithful. Give our love to everyone,
      Christine and Michael

  10. Just got back onto internet use… have been away on vacation. Would love to come visit you in Bristol some time… I’ll be going to France (I think) to visit family some time soon, …mabye I can stop oer for a day or so. Love your “Leap of Faith” Christine. It has such heart and Spirit. It’s so prophetic for where you are and where you are going!! 🙂

  11. HI Celine:
    Yes , God is good, all the time. How was the summer school experience for you? Did you receive what you were hoping for? Summer is so lovely here. I am so blessed,

    we send you our love,

    Michael and Christine

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