BristolBlog the second (After Release 2010)

Praying on the Streets in BristolPainting prophetically in Bristol!Praying on the Streets!
BristolSince the Release Conference a week ago with Bill Johnson, we’ve had unprecedented numbers of people going out praying in the streets, bringing God’s love to everyone they can find!!

Michael and I made sure we got to Bristol before that conference because we knew that it could have a big impact on Revival in this country and we wanted to be part of it.  We saw miracles at that conference!  We , along with an amazing prayer team partly from Bethel and partly Bristolians, prayed as a team every night and saw many many people get healed.  It was an amazing time of calling forth the Holy Spirit to fall on Bristol like never before.  Bristol is a gateway to England, and we believe it is where the Revival will enter in and change this whole country.

An amazing phenomenon that happened during the conference was a billboard went up all over Bristol – it was a huge red cross on a white back ground and it said “50 million believers”  !!!We claimed it as a prophetic sign of what is to come!  The interesting thing about it is that now the conference is over, the posters have disappeared!  I’ve seen this with my own eyes!

There is a new cafewhich opened in our area of town, so after our street praying we went in and prayed God into the space while we debriefed – Pretty Fun!
Bristol is quite a large city with many differenct areas.  We live on the South SIde in Arnos Vale, and we went praying on the streets this morning with about 8 people, praying for God’s love to spread all through this City, person by person.  I prayed for a little girl who God had shown me during a treasure hunt.  We prayed for restoration in her family, and we were so blessed to have been able to do that.  So many stories of people we’ve prayed for, and you can see a light shining in their eyes now.  The light of love and hope.  We are SO HAPPY to be here doing this.Our street, and our house.  We bought a little diesel car – gas is very expensive here.  We are both praying for jobs to support ourselves financially.  I will be volunteering as an art therapist at a neighborhood community center, until I can figure out what else I can do.  This coming weekend I am blessed to have an opportunity to do a workshop on icons at a street fair, sponsored by the Salvation Army!!!  How amazing!  This will give me an idea of how and what people think of icons are here!

So, if you pray for us, specifically for provision, for restoration of Health for Christine, and for the work Mike will be doing with Randy Clark and his team over the next week, we would be very appreciative.  You are always in our prayers.  Do comment, we love to hear from you.  Also, if you want to keep receiving these, sign up for the subscription – at a certain point we won’t be sending out mass emails, so that only those who want to get this will ! 🙂

We send you our love, Michael and Christine

9 thoughts on “BristolBlog the second (After Release 2010)

  1. It is wonderful you have moved to the UK! That has been your heart call for many years and now the Lord has brought you to it. Our prayers are with you dear sister and brother and I certainly want to be kept informed as God leads you on the wonderful journey. God bless you both! Love, Ambrose and Linda Col 3:15

  2. So glad to hear all is going well over there. I am excited for what the Lord has for you and Michael. I will begin my adventure soon – back home to begin a satellite GSSM! Right!

  3. It looks as if things are going extraordinarily well in Bristol! I’m happy to read about how prayer is greatly affecting the lives of the people. Naturally I will keep the two of you in prayer concerning every matter and I’m excited to hear how God has provided for each need in the next blog entry.

    With the love of a son

  4. Hi! Mike and Christine! I am happy for the GOOD REPORTS, and I am praying that God will open Supernatural DOORS for both of you — for His Glory to be released from your lives with every footstep. I am still going to Encaustic Painting classes and have painted three very beautiful paintings since I have seen you. One painting was a gift for my little niece’s Wedding last weekend — I was very, very happy with it — the BEAUTY is coming forth — in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST!!!

  5. What an adventure you are on. The enemy always seems to hit the hardest when the biggest advances are being made. So keep up the advance! Yes, I will pray for you. Blessings.

    1. Wanda:
      Thanks for the encouragement – it really helps, The church that gets you and John as their pastors will be blessed indeed.
      Love you guys,

  6. Thanks for sharing the Good News!!! We are praying for you and God’s work there. Love you.

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