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Psalm 23

Dear Friends and Family:FullSizeRender 10

We hope this summer is going well for you all?  It is a working summer for us- God is blessing us with many opportunities to make our art and share it!  So, it’s crazy busy sometimes but also great fun because we love what we’re doing!  Couldn’t be better!!photo 3

This morning this is the last little baby bird to fly the nest on our front porch!!

Even the sparrow finds a home, and a swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, at your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God.  Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise.” Psalm 84:3-4

I’ve just taught an Icon Workshop at Holy Cross Monastery and that is always a blessing for everyone, praise God.

Also just took a week long painting intensive at Bennington College through my alma mater, Massachusetts College of Art.  During this workshop, I began exploring the boundaries between Icons and religious painting- something I hope to do a lot more of this coming year.  Here is a photo with me and my Saint Joan of Arc painting. photo 7

This from Michael:  “I have been working on a video on Psalm 23 which has been a wonderful project. It has given me a deeper understanding of how close the relationship of King David was with God. The first line states the Lord is my shepherd and right up front assigns authority to God. David declares that God has authority over him and once that has been established the Psalm then states God’s security, leadership, rest, provision, abundance, redemption, direction, love, family and on and on until finally unity with Him for eternity.

This Holy scripture describes so intimately the relationship between God and David and it is all available when David assigns authority over his life to the good shepherd. David having been a shepherd himself before becoming a king, understood the roles of both of those positions. He likens himself to a sheep under the care of a shepherd, a foreshadow of how Jesus became the sacrificial lamb for mankind under the authority of God the Father. The depth of the love voiced in Psalm 23 is a witness to the love Jesus has for us.
Psalm 23 video

Please watch the video and share it with someone who may not know the Psalm at all. When I started to film people for the video, I approached a group of teenagers on a NY subway platform and asked if they would read the psalm 23, none of them knew what a psalm was, never mind the number 23. One young man was willing to try, but a train came in at that point. That experience just increased my desire to make scripture alive to people who do not get to hear it in their daily lives.”

And, for the first time ever, Michael and I had a pop up exhibition together in my studio in Hudson.  It was so much fun, visiting with our friends and being able to talk in depth with them about our work.  Thank you God!!  FullSizeRender 9

Sending you all love and prayers,

Christine and Michael

Mick’s Photography Site

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What Do You Think of Christmas?

Hello Friends and Family:photo

As we finish up this month with Christmas thoughts, gifts, and remembrances, we wanted to especially express our gratitude for each one of you in our lives.  More and more, it becomes obvious that we can’t really accomplish much on our own – but with God’s help, and yours, anything is possible!photo

I am working on a commission  that has the two 8′ by 3′ patron saints and co-founders of the Graymoor monastery as well as two more large, 8′ x 4′ Icons for Albany, NY.  I love working large and am grateful now that Michael did all that work in the barn over the summer because now I have a big space to work in.  There’s no heat or electricity, but with the warm weather we’ve had all November and December, I have been able to log in a lot of hours working up there – and I’m happy as can be!photo


Michael has been inspired this month after praying for over a year for what God’s next assignment is going to be.  Here is a description of the new project he is starting to work on:

Kingdom Arts Ministry: Youth Video Project [YVP]

Vision:   To teach and equip young Christians to make videos which glorify God, to post them online and interact around them.


  • Create a body of Christians who actively utilize the visual media for innovative dialogue.
  • Activate youth groups in churches to independently produce media to dialogue with the unreached in their community.
  • Create a bridge which opens opportunity for personal testimony and ministry.
  • Create a path for youth to have a voice within their own communities, churches and universally.
  • Develop a network of active video makers for Christ across America and the world.
  • Identify potential future film making talent to coach and release into the industry.

                            THE PROGRAM WOULD CONSIST OF:

  •  A four session course with additional follow up visit can be scheduled in one of two options-
    • Three evening sessions and one Sunday morning.
    • Friday evening, Saturday two sessions and Sunday morning.


  • All sessions start with prayer and worship.Session One- View a variety of short videos, discuss different options and approaches videos used, discuss local community needs or personal aspirations for a short video subject. Qualify how it glorifies God. Homework to write outline of the video, where it is to be shot and who it is directed towards.

    Session Two- Review outline and undertake shooting.

    Session Three- Review film shot and edit to three minute video.

    Session Four – Pre Sunday service- show all films to the group and discuss and pray through presented issues. As a group decide and plan presentation for the congregation, deliver during Sunday service and preach around it. Post video online.

    Follow up session two weeks later to encourage continuing to create videos and post. Process any development issues. Connect and network youth to other churches who have gone through the course. Annual conference for all participating youth groups to show videos, discuss issues and develop awareness of potential ways to serve.

So, if you have any ideas, thoughts, or support you’d like to give Michael for this project, contact us!  So excited about what God is going to do!

Here’s a quick video Michael made about Christmas that I think you will like.  

What do you think of Christmas? from Michael Hales on Vimeo.

Some of the interviews were taken during our lasts Art & Friends Community Potluck Dinner in Hudson:    photo

So, once again, we ask for your prayer covering of the months ahead. You are always in our prayers, to and we look forward to hearing in more detail how we can pray for each of you. Together, and with Christ, we can do anything!

Love and prayers,

Michael and ChristineIMG_9383