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Bless the Lord

Dear Friends and Family:

“O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. ”           Psalm 34:8

_MG_5713Summer in Columbia County, NY, is full of wild flowers and one of my road side favorites is Chicory. In the morning it creates lines of strong blues along the side of the road and through the day the color lightens to almost white- finally closing up at night.

Chicory was introduced to America from Europe and its’ roots were used as a coffee substitute.


One of the significant aspects of my personal belief in God and my faith when I am praying for healing with someone, is that I do not doubt the power of God. I do not doubt that God is all powerful and more than able to physically heal what ever illness may be present. Also I believe from His ministry through Jesus Christ that it is His will to heal people. Having seen prayers in Jesus name physically heal many people I know that He is all powerful and the visual memory of ‘seeing it happen with my own eyes’, leads me forward to pray.

“The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and His ears are open unto their cry.” PS. 34:15

However, one of my concerns as a Christian today, when Christianity is being marginalized, is that my beliefs do not fade, like chicory from a strong blue to white and then finally close up. That is why it is so important to be around people of strong faith, to be renewed in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Because if you are not seeing much healing when you pray one could easily question if God is still powerful.


This month I have been blessed to reconnect to some old friends who are still very powerfully walking with the Lord. One is a monk who is recovering from a stroke which paralysed the left side of his body and the other was a gangster from Australia turned powerful evangelist for the Lord. Both men come from very different backgrounds, are now in very different life situations, but they call on the Lord like freight trains of the Holy Spirit. When you are in the presence of someone calling out to the Lord with deep fervor there can be no doubt we have a powerful God.

This nation needs to have powerful people calling out to God for it now. The present situation reminds me of what I think Germany must have been like when extreme rhetoric by Hitler, started to delude the moral compass of that nation. Small steps towards fear and greed are just as dangerous in this nation as anywhere. The devil is happy to do his work in small steps until it is too late to return.

My father was a scout troop youth leader and in that capacity visited Germany before the war and witnessed the ‘Brown Shirts’ start to congregate and stir up hatred. As a child, he told me, how he saw their development grow more radical and violent over the three summers he visited.

“Innisfree”   photo by Mick Hales

“I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”  Ps. 34:1

Jesus came that we could love our neighbors as ourselves. It is not an easy road but it is a high road. It is not glamorous, straight forward and often not quantifiable. But it is the road we are called to.

New Painting by Christine Hales

So I am thankful for powerful intercessors who pray for healing, who pray for justice, who pray for wisdom, who pray for revival in the villages, towns and cities of this country.

Our evangelist friend, that I mentioned above, is still holding revival meetings in tents pitched in fields and changing lives in rural America.

Our monk friend, is starting to move his left arm and leg and I fully believe the left side of his body will be totally restored as we continue to call out for his healing.

We are aware that God is doing something more extraordinary than we can imagine and we are called to ask him in faith, with no doubting, that each one of us can do our part with the gifts that God has given us. With faith we will see the fruit of our prayers.


God is still with us and all powerful; Thank God.

We send you our love and prayers, and look forward to hearing form you!

Michael and Christine

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Marching On!!

Hello Friends and Family:        IMG_3670

Yes, Marching on!  It’s about to start snowing again but SPRING is marching on!  It is still light at 6:16PM today and there has been more rain than snow so far today.  Ha!  After what seemed like an endless February, March, April, and May are flying by already.  There are a few things coming up that we want to invite you to:


Saturday. March 15, 9:30-4:15pm “Healing Prayer Workshop” at Saint Luke’s Church in Cambridge, NY- Michael will be teaching on Healing Prayer and there will be opportunities for folks to receive healing prayer ministry.    photo copy 12

“Faces” Portrait exhibition curated by myself and in cooperation with the Hudson Chamber of Commerce and the Columbia County Arts Council, featuring 4 women artists showing portraits they have painted.  My Nelson Mandela portrait will be in that show among others.   Opens March 22.  Opening reception April 12, 6-8PM  photo copy 13

Icon Exhibition at Saint Gregory’s Episcopal Church, Woodstock, New York : myself, some of my students, and others have contributed to a beautiful array of icons for the Lenten observation at Saint Gregory’s. Call the church for viewing  times.

Voice of the Prophets Conference in Lancaster, PA will host Patricia King, Larry Randolph, Bob Hazlet, Randy Clark, Mavesh Chavda among others and worship with Martin Smith!!! We’re going, with our students – hope you can come too.

I’ve been exploring the art of community over the winter and am experiencing some wonderful relationships and activities as a result.  The message of community building is up this month not only with Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in Redding, PA for his March 2 sermon, but also with Pope Francis.  I’ve been reading a great biography of him “Francis, Bishop of Rome”, by Michael Collins.      IMG_3746    I love drawing his portrait – here’s an early drawing – there will be more!

In “Only Love Can Save Us,” by Pope Francis,   talking about Crossing the Threshold of Faith,  says ” Crossing the threshold of faith leads us to seek for each individual the same mind as Christ Jesus. (see Phil 2:5), so that each one of us may experience a new way of thinking, of communicating with and looking at each other, of respecting one another, of being together as a family, of planning our futures, of living out our love for each other and our vocation.”

In Christ, all things are new. Our ways of sharing with each other can constantly change to reflect our needs, values, and hopes.  My prayer for us all is that we grow ever better at showing this love for each other, closer together in sharing the challenges and joys of life, our vocations, and our love of God.


Know that Michael and I hold each of you in our prayers. This newsletter is our away of reminding you that we ARE HERE for you!  Please keep us in your prayers, too – it makes all the difference!

Love and prayers,


Christine and Michael

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends and Family:

photo copy 10

We’ve just returned from the “Empowered” conference at Global Awakening in PA and are recharged and refreshed by the message and teachings of inner healing and evangelism. While there, during a time of impartation, Randy Clark blessed two of my icons: Mary of Egypt and the Madonna and Chmaryofegyptweb2ild.  Mary of Egypt is an icon of Repentance and transformation.         The story goes that Mary of Egypt was a prostitute who, upon seeing an icon of the Madonna and Child was delivered and set free from lust and dedicated the remainder of her life to serving Jesus.  Since this was a healing conference those two icons were relevant, and for me to have them blessed by Randy gives spiritual validity to them as objects bearing God’s glory and grace in a contemporary tradition of Christianity.  Here’s a link to the video Michael took of the blessing.

Michael and I are reviewing our mission statement to include training and establishing a healing prayer team that will function on a regular basis at one of the churches we have relationship with as part of our goal to bring Revival to the Albany area.  I am also making an effort to include museum and gallery outreach events using icons and my paintings to affect the local culture with Holy Spirit inspired art.photo copy 11

We both participated in Our Savior’s Lutheran Church’s Holy Spirit Conference in Albany last month.  I gave a very well attended and received prophetic art workshop and Michael ministered all day on that Saturday.  It was a beautiful time of refreshment and revelation for God’s people in the Albany area.  There were probably about 150 people attending which was a nice surprise for us all!

photo copy 6

My new icon blog has begun and Michael will be starting a photographer’s blog soon.

After Thanksgiving, we hosted a Thanksgiving feast for our students and partners from last year and this year – it was great fun as you can see from these photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, with all the distractions and even sometimes sorrowful events that occur during this Christmas season, remember that Christ is with us, He is knocking on our door and His invitation is to experience heaven with Him now.

photo copy 12

We send you our love and prayers.  Please pray for us that God will send Michael enough photography work to get us through the winter and that my paintings sell to good collectors.  We are believing for an abundant harvest !

Love and prayers,

Christine and Michael

Behold the New Year!

Happy New Year!IMG_2504

Waking up to a warm house in the middle of a snow storm, healthy, happy, and with an inkling of God’s mission for myself, I thought “what do You want me to do this year, Lord?”  The word I think I heard was “hospitality”.  Yikes!! That was always something I knew I couldn’t do because of my fears and insecurities.  But, honestly, when I heard that, I was and am, filled with an inner excitement.  I am so looking forward to hosting more house church get togethers this year, more Satellite School events, and also volunteering at the homeless shelter on a regular basis this year.  I am excited!!!  I know that’s got to be God!IMG_2524

And, I feel equipped and able.  Michael and I were thanking God yesterday for all the inner healing we have received as GSSM students, and even now as we continue to run the GSSM Satellite School.  All that we are doing now for the Kingdom would not have been possible without the help, teachings, and inspiration we received from Randy Clark’s ministry and the covering we IMG_2528are under as a result.

Our first opportunity for increased hospitality comes with a visit to our GSSM Satellite school by Rob Stoppard.  We are so blessed to be able to host this amazing, quiet, gentle man of God who brings God’s grace and kindness to his inner healing ministry. IMG_2546 Both Michael and I have been privileged to have received inner healing from him on an ongoing basis while at school, and he taught Michael’s second year healing track.  The other GSSM Satellite School, New Beginnings in NJ, after having Rob come to minister to some of their students, have been so blessed they have put him on staff to minister on an ongoing basis!  His ministry of helping people reach their full potential in Christ is so beneficial to those of us in marketplace ministries, as well as clergy, teachers, and administrators.IMG_2555

Michael and I recognize that some of the blessings and mission we have here in this area is to bring in good Holy people to minister and equip the Christians from all different denominations in our area.  The area of inner healing is particularly needed here as people struggle to get free from poverty, addiction,  wounds caused by churches, and family issues.

So, here is Rob’s schedule for his visit to GSSM Satellite Kingdom School in Albany.  We welcome guests to come experience a day at school, or you are welcome to sign up for an inner healing prayer slot, or come to the Friday night Revival Prayer session at our home on Jan. 18.  Christians from all denominations are welcome, and youth groups, too!  Just shoot us an email or call to let us know you are coming:  mhales@halesart.com   or  518-672-0014IMG_2559

  • Thursday, January 17, Rob teaches at GSSM Satellite School, Albany, NY 6:00-9:30PM
  • Friday, January 18, A few inner healing prayer slots are still available: at the Hales home in Philmont 10:00am-5PM
  • Friday Evening 6:00 Pot luck dinner   7:00PM  Revival Worship and teaching with Rob Stoppard at the Hales home in Philmont, NY
  • Saturday, January 19th, 9Am-6PM GSSM Satellite School with Rob Stoppard at St. Michael’s Church, Albany, NY
  • Sunday:  Rob will be speaking at Pastor Don and Nancy Child’s Church, West Hoosick Baptist Church.IMG_2572

Please keep us in your  prayers as we go forward this year, doing what we can to bring God’s Kingdom here to the Hudson Valley.

This is getting too long, but ….One more thing before we go- the Lord is blessing me with having ten of my large icons in an exhibition in Metuchen, NJ for five months.  The gallery is in an Episcopal Church and there will be five other iconographers included, too.  As the Lord has shown me to approach each exhibition as an outreach for His Kingdom, I am excited about all that He will do through my co laboring with Him!  You are all welcome to come, here’s the info:


Love you guys immensely,  Michael and Christine

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has passed away.  Behold, the fresh and the new has come!”     2 Corinthians 5:17