Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends and Family:

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We’ve just returned from the “Empowered” conference at Global Awakening in PA and are recharged and refreshed by the message and teachings of inner healing and evangelism. While there, during a time of impartation, Randy Clark blessed two of my icons: Mary of Egypt and the Madonna and Chmaryofegyptweb2ild.  Mary of Egypt is an icon of Repentance and transformation.         The story goes that Mary of Egypt was a prostitute who, upon seeing an icon of the Madonna and Child was delivered and set free from lust and dedicated the remainder of her life to serving Jesus.  Since this was a healing conference those two icons were relevant, and for me to have them blessed by Randy gives spiritual validity to them as objects bearing God’s glory and grace in a contemporary tradition of Christianity.  Here’s a link to the video Michael took of the blessing.

Michael and I are reviewing our mission statement to include training and establishing a healing prayer team that will function on a regular basis at one of the churches we have relationship with as part of our goal to bring Revival to the Albany area.  I am also making an effort to include museum and gallery outreach events using icons and my paintings to affect the local culture with Holy Spirit inspired copy 11

We both participated in Our Savior’s Lutheran Church’s Holy Spirit Conference in Albany last month.  I gave a very well attended and received prophetic art workshop and Michael ministered all day on that Saturday.  It was a beautiful time of refreshment and revelation for God’s people in the Albany area.  There were probably about 150 people attending which was a nice surprise for us all!

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My new icon blog has begun and Michael will be starting a photographer’s blog soon.

After Thanksgiving, we hosted a Thanksgiving feast for our students and partners from last year and this year – it was great fun as you can see from these photos!

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So, with all the distractions and even sometimes sorrowful events that occur during this Christmas season, remember that Christ is with us, He is knocking on our door and His invitation is to experience heaven with Him now.

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We send you our love and prayers.  Please pray for us that God will send Michael enough photography work to get us through the winter and that my paintings sell to good collectors.  We are believing for an abundant harvest !

Love and prayers,

Christine and Michael

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. May you both enjoy a Blessed Christmas in the Lord and we pray for even more of His presence in your life, your ministries, and your work during the new year.

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