Is Revival Starting in Britain????

Dear Friends and Family:

We are excited to be  going on a mission trip to London and Bristol May 21 through May   30th to support our friends who are praying for Revival in England this spring!

Our House of Prayer partner, Sheena Tranter, and friends have organized “Arise Bristol”, an intercessory prayer event calling for people through out Bristol to gather, repent before God, experience reconciliation between each other, to gather as One Body, with One Vision for the Future of the City, Region and Nation on May 27 .

There will be prayer events throughout April leading up to Pentecost.  For more details and to see what other Christian events are happening now in Bristol, visit:  There will also be a meeting for the upcoming Global Day of Prayer in London which we will attend.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to make this trip possible.   We believe God will more than cover our costs, and ask that you would pray about this being a possible opportunity for you to invest in missions at this time.  We believe that our spiritual heritage here in the United States is linked to the UK.  We want to ensure that Christians in both countries can worship freely.  Please help if you can by sending your tax deductible donations made out to “Unto Life” and sent to us at PO Box 927, Philmont, NY  12565.

Blessings to you all!

Here is a link to Michael’s ‘Revival England’ video he made just before leaving England on utube:

Love, Michael and Christine

6 thoughts on “Is Revival Starting in Britain????

  1. Loved ithe clip, Michael, be very blessed. So glad you’re able to come over to UK – God is certainly on the move.

  2. Hey, we will be in England late March or early April. Never would you we have anticipated going to the UK. Glad to hear about prayer going on for the nation. Have a great trip.

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