Marching On

Dear Friends and Family:

What a month – temperatures in the high 60’s and 70′ for two weeks- the trees are starting to flower everywhere.  Is it possible that Spring is really here to stay?

I (Christine) am nearly finished with the winter discipline I set myself of drawing in black and white only and completing two drawing and portrait classes. Also have several new icons I am working on: The Entry into Jerusalem, Pentecost, a Madonna, and a Tetramorph icon.  I will be changing my website soon and updating my “Fine Art America” page soon.  I don’t know if you’ve seen that, but you can order a card, a print, or a printed canvas of any of my works on the site. They make it easy to buy my art on line and apparently people from all over the world see it.   One of my art goals is to teach two more iconography classes – one in Woodstock, NY and one in Great Barrington, MA.   The Woodstock class will start May 1 and run on Tuesday afternoons through the summer, God willing.

We are excited hearing about the intercessory prayer activities of our friends in Bristol.  There have been several gatherings for prayer for the City and the nation, prayerwalking, prophetic healing of the land actions and finally, a City wide day of Prayer at the Bristol Arena on Pentecost.  We feel called to go over for that to pray and stand with our friends for Revival in Bristol and Britain.  We are very grateful for all of you who have been contributing to our mission all along, and we believe enough money will come in by March 31 for us to go, if it’s God’s will for us to go.   We’ll keep you posted! (If you go to the Kingdom Arts Ministry tab at the top of the page, you will see where to send donations. Thank you!!)

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Here’s Michael: Here in Philmont we are beginning to realize how much pain there is in our neighborhood. There is a lot of illness, loss of families and real poverty. We are assigning more time to being just out on the streets and talking with people and praying when we can. We have the goal of bringing more people to the Bible study at the library.

On the wider front we are working to see the GSSM satellite school get set up and are having meetings and starting to put out PR for that. We feel called to bring people into a supernatural walk with the Lord and GSSM is designed to do for that purpose. Looking through the schedule starting in September it is really exciting to see what is lined up in the first six weeks, with Mark Virkler, Randy Clark, a Living Jesus Conference, 10 days in Brazil and then the Voice of the Prophets in Lancaster, PA. So that is getting exciting and we are still working on the nuts and bolts of that.

We have also been doing some teaching to a youth group on Words of Knowledge with wonderful time of activation and look forward to more ministry in that area.

The vision is to build a team of active Christians in this area, a triangle between Columbia  / Greene County and Albany. The area has had Holy Spirit visitations in the past and really needs a revival now. There are movements going on all around, also in England and the Far East which show that there is a real wave of the Holy Spirit moving in the world, a swelling of activity and as it grows and grows there will be much for Christians to do. Now is the time to really push forward in what each one of us hears God is calling us to.

So we continue to ask for your prayers and also to let us know how we can pray for you. God is so good and He is on the move.

Withour love,

Michael and Christine

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