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_DSC0081 1 Kingdom School logo  cover 1_                                                    New Course Open:   FIRED UP     

                              An intensive training for Christians to minister in the Holy Spirit.

‘He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.’ Mt 3:11.

 Fired Up is a ten week intensive awakening to the activity of the Holy Spirit through Kingdom School. This course block has been carefully designed to Fire Up our Christian walk within 10 weeks of classes, conferences and ministering naturally in the supernatural. If you are HUNGRY to see God’s power working in your life and those around you then this is an opportunity not to miss.


Kingdom School has a mission to raise up Christians able to minister naturally with God’s Holy Spirit in every day life and market place of the Albany region. The school prepares people from across the denominations for ‘Kingdom Living’ outside the four walls of church. The latent gifts which God has deposited in each person will be awakened through this course, equipping the body of Christ for revival.

mick&christineThe directors of the school, Pastors Michael and Christine Hales, both alumni of Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, PA and subsequently ordained by the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, realize that Holy Spirit impartation and activation are vital for Kingdom life. So during class time, worship and activation are highly valued along with the online teaching.

The subjects covered include; Physical and Inner Healing, Market place ministry, Evangelism, Worship, Prophecy, Fasting, Bible study, Intercession, Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare, Kingdom Life and the History of Revival.     IMG_1201_

People ask ‘What does revival look like?’ It seems that each time God moves with revival it looks a little different, but these are some of the common elements; the Holy Spirit moves through a community to draw people back to Himself to passionately live for Him. To bring the church back to life with a return to Him as first loved, a return to the authority of scripture and an elevation of prayer. When that happens communities are blessed by the virtues of kindness, righteousness, care for the poor, healing and people being released from demonic strongholds.     ‘Fired Up’ will prepare you be a part of the next revival!!








Class Schedule: Ten Weeks only

1st     Class; Sept 12th, 6:30 to 9:30 pm, Our Saviors Lutheran, Colonie.

2nd     Pursuit Conference; Sept 18, 19 & 20. Mechanicsburg, PA. Speakers-Will Hart, Bob Hazlett & David Wagner

3rd     Class: Sept 26th. As above.

4th     Oct 3, 4, and 5. Street ministry training. Baltimore, MD. Pastor Jay Baylor of Burning Heart Ministries.

5th      Sat Oct 11th Albany / Schenectady missions & street ministry.

6th      Class: Oct 17th. TBD

7th      Awakened to Destiny Conference. Life Center. Harrisburg, PA. Speaker- Dr Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Dr Tom Jones and Dr Mark Chironna.

8th      Class: Oct 31st.

9th      Class: Nov 7th.

10th    Class: Nov 14th.


Book List to be completed by end of course with reviews.

1.         There is Always More! Randy Clark.

2.         Global Awakening Ministry Training Manual. Randy Clark.

3.        When Heaven Invades Earth. Bill Johnson.

4.         There is Always Enough. Rolland and Heidi Baker.

5.         God’s Generals. Roberts Liardon.

Classes are normally held Friday evening 6:30 to 9:30 pm

at Our Savior’s Lutheran, 63 Mountain View Ave, Albany 12534.


             Applications, references and tuition of $750 are due September 1st.

Request your application now while spaces last.

Candidates are encouraged to raise their own funds.

Partial scholarships may be available with need.

 Out of town conference accommodation and transportation is responsibility of the student.

After completing their training with us, students will be equipped to step into a variety of arenas such as missions, arts, marketplace, pastoral ministry, inner healing, prophetic and community leadership. Outreach is a strong component of our school .  We have outreach opportunities developing in many local ministries and churches and each student will participate in one hour a week.

IMG_5009 b_

Please contact Pastor Michael Hales to talk to your church,

answer any questions or request applications.               phone 518 672 0014

Donations for student scholarships for the school can be made to

Kingdom Arts Ministry, a 501 C3 not for profit.


Pastor Michael Hales, is also a  professional photographer with the business name of Mick Hales, and Christine Hales , professional artist and Master Iconographer together offer Kingdom School for ministry that trains people in art and market place ministries. To grow deeper in their identity in God, develop their  purpose in God’s Kingdom and to share that with the world around them through community outreach. They are associated with and ordained by Randy Clark’s ministry, Global Awakening.


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5 thoughts on “Kingdom School

  1. What an amazing class! I am so happy for you both to be ‘spreading the word’ that Jesus is alive and ‘dying’ to reveal His love, in and through us!. Love Mary

  2. I listened to you this morning on Gospel Freedom with Eion Giller.God has been visiting me in my dreams this past year 4 times. I have become frustated in the past because I wanted a deeper revelation of Him.I asked Him for it and He began.

  3. Hi Mick and Christine, Lord bless you abundantly.

    Dear friends, you are and continue to be in our prayers. Are you aware of any apostolic ministry communities in the Buffalo, NY area?

    If you do, please let me know – thank you. Would deeply appreciate this.

    Just finished reading Bill’s new book, Hosting the Pressence.

    Peace to you both.


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