Healing Teaching for Churches

Kingdom Arts Ministry: Pastors Michael and Christine Hales

    mhales@halesart.com 518 672 0014

Kingdom Arts Ministry is a ministry with a mission to bring people into an active and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father within the Albany region through preaching, teaching and mission opportunities.

As one part of that mission we recognize the need to encourage people in the church to grow and be active in the gifts of the Holy Spirit which can open opportunities for healing and evangelism. We have created a teaching package designed to activate churches. This can be presented on a Saturday followed by a healing service in the evening. This can then be further developed by Pastor Michael Hales preaching on the Sunday morning.

A typical Saturday Schedule

10:00                 Worship.

10:30                  A Biblical Basis for Healing

This teaching underlines the biblical standing of healing as being a part of the Atonement and why Jesus healed the sick. It also outlines why believers should pray for the sick as God often releases the blessings of the Atonement through ministries of people.

11:30                  A Five step model for Ministry to the Sick

The practical aspects of knowing how and when to pray for healing is broken into five steps. The manner and nature of our prayers, our pre prayer preparation and post prayer suggestions. As a minister for healing everything is done in love. A practical session takes place with members present.


1:30                   Using Words of knowledge for Healing

A Word of Knowledge is a supernatural revelation of information by the Holy Spirit and is often given for the need of healing for someone. How to recognize a Word of Knowledge and how to minister it caringly and accurately. An activation is undertaken with this session with healing prayer and testimonies following.

3:00           Deliverance

‘Deliverance’ is setting people free from the oppression of a demonic spirit. Demons are evil spirits without bodies, under Satan’s authority, who seek to harass people and if possible, to move into them. When given such an opportunity, a demonic spirit torments or manipulates the host person in various ways. Understanding demonic spirits and deliverance is of great importance to the church because of the adverse effect such spirits can have on believers, on church unity and on evangelism.


7:00           Healing Service open to the community. Time of worship, preaching, testimonies, Words of Knowledge and praying for Healing.


Pastor Michael Hales an alumni of Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, PA and subsequently ordained by the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, realizes that Holy Spirit impartation and activation are vital for Kingdom life. So during class time, worship and activation are highly valued along with the teaching.


‘I also benefited from the healing service that evening, as I truly felt the Holy Spirit come alive in myself and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Bottom line, Pastor Hales’ approach to healing, knowlege of healing, and style was right on the mark for me.  It was on all accounts a snap experience.’ Michael Knox of Manlius UMC Syracuse.


Michael Hales spoke for a Sunday worship at Our Savior’s in July and was warmly received.  His message was solid and steadfast to the Word and demonstrated a humble heart as well as an intimacy with the Lord.  God was glorified after the later worship service as he and his wife were used to minister a wonderful healing/deliverance to a recent high school graduate, who shared testimony via a/v recording a couple Sundays later. Rev Paul Koehn-Our Saviors Lutheran, Colonie.


Kingdom Arts Ministry is also offering through it’s Kingdom School a new class.

‘Fired Up’IMG_1201_

An intensive training for Christians to minister in the Holy Spirit.

‘He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.’ Mt 3:11.


Please contact Pastor Michael Hales with any questions or to schedule a visit.

mhales@halesart.com                         phone 518 672 0014

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