April News!

Stations of the Cross walk in Sarasota, 2019
Stations of the Cross walk in Sarasota, 2019

Our hearts go out to Iris Ministries, with Heidi and Roland Baker, as the second Cyclone in a matter of weeks, hits Mozambique very close to their ministry bases. Iris has always ministered to the most needy in one of the poorest countries of the world and have had a powerful presence for the Lord there. They have also been powerful examples to many Christians around the world with their undeniable love for the Lord Jesus and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Please lift them up in prayer at this time.

Fr. Robinson addressing the crowd during Stations of the Cross on Good Friday
Fr. Robinson addressing the crowd during Stations of the Cross on Good Friday

No Comparison

We are all called as Christians one way or another. Christ said, ‘As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.’ Finding how and where we are called is an ongoing process and often does not finish where it started. However, we can be sure that God will not waste any of our life’s experiences, if we are willing to use them for Him and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly. There is absolutely no point for me to compare what I am doing to someone else’s ministry, or how one denomination ministers for the Lord compared to another. What I have to search out is, am I really doing what God has purposed for me to do?

From my recent quick photography trip to Italy
From my recent quick photography trip to Italy

The Easter Sunday morning this year was started with about 800 people walking the Stations of the Cross through Sarasota. What had started several years ago as a handful of people walking the stations, now had many churches joining together, to be a witness of our faith. As it happens it is about that number of people who every night are homeless in Sarasota. I found that out by talking with a Sarasota policeman who is part of the police’s outreach task force, especially assigned to the homeless in the community. It got me asking questions about homelessness and spirituality. How they are connected and was there another way that the Christians could be helping the homeless. There were a lot of programs for the homeless from well meaning organizations but were they offering a positive spiritual direction or just focusing on their physical needs? I found a great Wikipedia on Spirituality and Homelessness, which is very interesting, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirituality_and_homelessness.

Christine’s Icons

Christine had a very active month with teaching an Iconography class in New Mexico, at Ghost Ranch. It is a long trip involving many stages and unfortunately the weather was very cold, but despite that the class was a success and the students enjoyed it. She has another class set for Holy Cross monastery at West Park, NY, in May that is now completely full. She has been working on a large Icon of St Peter, which is coming along beautifully. IMG_6039



Michael continues to Chaplain at the retirement complex, Freedom Village, and has been leading the Easter services there. He also loves the Chaplaincy at Blake Hospital which is a trauma center for the area and visiting the ER and Intensive Care areas gives many opportunities to come alongside people in need. He is still doing photography and was excited to have a very quick trip to Italy for a New York magazine photographing an Interior Designer’s home.

Gratitude For All the Lord Has Done!

We are so grateful for where the Lord has led us and the work we are both doing. In terms of our callings, this may not be the whole picture, but we are really grateful to be here now.IMG_8358

This month Michael has articles with his photography in the May, Flower Magazine and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, also the May issue- in case you’re looking for reading material and want to see some of his work!!

Please keep us in your prayers and let us know how we can pray for you.

Love and prayers,

Michael and Christine

Christine’s Icons         Michael’s Photography

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