January Thaw

Dear Family and Friends:   photo

Who wouldn’t want to see a field of golden pollen at the end of January? I suppose that’s what MOMA and artist Wolfgang Laib were thinking when they arranged “Pollen from Hazelnut” a current exhibition in NYC.

For Michael and I, this month has been bright with hope, also for seeing more of God’s Kingdom blossoming in our area.  Rob Stoppard, the Inner Healing instructor at GSSM came to stay with us and teach at Kingdom School from Thursday through Sunday, Jan17-20.  IMG_2826 He taught at the school and also at a dinner in our home which was open to people from our geographical area, It was very well attended (some of the younger ones gracefully chose to sit on the floor!) and people were blessed by Rob’s teaching. It was heartening to see so many people come to receive healing and inspiration and we hope to host similar events in the future.  IMG_2822

We have some exciting news, too.  We’ve received our 501 c3 approval for Kingdom Arts Ministry!  Hooray!  Quite a long process, but now we can receive tax deductible donations directly to Kingdom Arts and be more able to support our local community in many different ways.  Praise God!  We are praying for God’s direction and strategy for this next year in terms of planning for Kingdom School, outreach in our community and how we can further God’s Kingdom here in the Hudson Valley.  We will be needing more space to hold events, and along with that, will need audio visual equipment and speakers, so that we can continue offering to bring speakers, films, and art events to our area and Albany.  Please keep us in your prayers as we move on now, to expand to the next level God has for us.  Here is a photo of a Prophetic Painting that Christine did at our last class.  God has been moving so powerfully, and showing her as well as others the “Lion of Judah”, and His power is moving amongst us, He is fully in the Universe and also intimately present within us.  Our strength and our salvation:    1Np28

One last thing. another blessing- we were able to purchase a pellet stove to help cut down heating costs and it is now installed and working great! Finally, warmth! And it was just in time for this really cold weather. Praise God, I don’t have to paint with gloves on!  :).


Sending you all lots of love and hoping you will be in touch with us and share how God is touching your lives, and any prayer requests you may have too.


Christine and Michael

6 thoughts on “January Thaw

  1. Sooo happy to hear you are truly WARM now – Praise God! And lots of good news about expanding, moving on, etc.. Let me know when you are in the area again so we can chat and pray..

  2. Hi Michael and Christine. You seem to be doing wonderful things there. May God heap more blessings on you. We’re planning to visit Canada in April and wondering about travelling down to Lancaster for Randy’s conference!! lots of love, joan xx

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