Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Christmas! More of Christ in our lives!

Hello Dear Friends and Family:

Thank you all for sharing in the excitement and blessings of our Journey with God, particularly this Christmas.  We are so thankful for your support and prayers!  We also recognize the need to ask for more prayer support as we continue to bring light into the spiritual darkness of the Albany region.  We would like you to email us if you would be able to increase your prayer support as intercessors for us in this next year.  We would then keep you informed as prayer concerns arise and ask you to increase the prayer shield of protection over our ministry.  We need a team of solid intercessors as we move forward and hope you will prayerfully consider this.


Our Kingdom School GSSM Satellite school recently celebrated our own family Thanksgiving at our home with lots of fun playing Biblical charades, feasting on turkey dinner, and sharing our gratitude for all God has done for us this year. We recognize that most of our resources have gone to establishing the Kingdom School since September, with little left over for our

church planting in the Philmont area. Michael had received the Word from God over a year ago to “build an ark in Philmont”, so we are continuing to pray into that.  With that in mind, Michael is organizing a Christmas Carol community Carol singalong to sing carols at the Pinehaven nursing home and along Main street with local residents.  We will all meet

back at our home for Hot Chocolate and aprayer for our area to be blessed especially this year.  Michael continues to hold his bible study in the Philmont library on Sunday evenings and we are praying that God will give us a building in this area for the art/video/satellite school for next year.



We have lots of room in our home for entertaining and hospitality and will be hosting the director of the GSSM School here while he visits our school and area churches sometime in the New Year. How exciting! We are so blessed by the support from our Global Awakening family, especially Bob and Marge Morrison who hosted us and a special lunch for our students during the recent Healing School in Mechanicsburg PA.  We need our friends so  much and hope we are a blessing to them too!

Please know that you all are very much in our prayers as we approach Christmas this year.  May you be blessed with joy, good health, and abundance of God’s very Presence in your lives!

Much love,

Christine and Michael                       IMG_2445