New York and VOA Ordination

Hello dear family and friends:   

What strange weather! Two weeks ago it was hot and sunny here in Philmont, New York, and this weekend we had a snow storm – 15 inches. Although many areas around us lost power, we didn’t, so were able to keep heated through the night, praise God!

Michael and I prayerwalked through the snow to the Main St. Pub for their special Sat night gourmet Indian food. It was snowing heavily but we weren’t the only ones there!  We prayed all the way there and back that our neighborhood would not lose power. Our prayers were heard, Praise God!

“Be strong, be courageous, and keep the charge of the Lord your God, walking in His ways and keeping His statutes, His commandments, His ordinances, and His testimonies as it is written in the law of Moses, so that you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turn”.” 1Kings 2:2-3

This is a Word I received during this move from Bristol to New York.  God blessed us with good helpers and our shipment clearing customs.

We have been so blessed with our Ordination at the Voice of the apostles Conference, too.  We connected to old friends, met for prayer with a pastor who will be our mentor during this new stage of our ministry, and received inspiration for possibly starting a Global Awakening satellite school in this area with an emphasis on media and the arts.

It has been quite exciting and challenging moving across nations, coming back to our home which we had given to the Lord when we set out on our mission to the UK.  God showed me that our house was like Abraham and Isaac.  We honestly gave it up to Him and He restored it back to us!  I am glad we did it, because I am happy to give God everything in total trust that His best for me will always be His plan for me.

We continue to meet with friends and colleagues in ministry here, and seek God’s guidance as to how and when to participate.  Hopefully next month will see more news about that – after I catch my breath (and unpack).

Moving back has brought us full circle and looking again at what God is doing in this area we see a lot of things in transition. One of the denominations which we have a history with here seems to have been really undermined by the enemy and under attack. This area has had a heavy cloud over it for a long time and many people have burned out trying to open up God’s kingdom here. As we take stock that would be the outward appearance but we also feel a great hope that there is a big change coming. There are many people working really hard within the community to build it up but few of them are walking with the Lord.

I have resumed my prayer walking here with declarations over this village and nation. Somehow there is a sense that what we are doing here although very local will also have a relationship with Revival back in England. The word we received from God when seeking whether to return to America was to set course for both America and for England. God does things in ways we do not understand but I am sure that there will be a cross over, a bridge, a connection that will build both nations up.

Thank you for your prayers, and you are in ours.

Much love,

Michael and Christine

9 thoughts on “New York and VOA Ordination

  1. Hi Christine,

    Good to see you coping with the snow! Amazing weather. Autumn is setting in here, but no sign of extreme weather, just gloomy gray skies! It’s the Bristol Way!

    Busy writing book four in the series, ‘The Artist’s Autobiography’ and tomorrow I’m off to a big conference on funding Christian projects at Central Hall, Westminster. Please pray for open doors to walk through!


    1. Thanks Geoff. Have been reading some of your earlier blogs and again, really like the way you are thinking. Very exciting! We are praying about new ways of arts funding too, so you will be in our prayers especially today. Will be in touch again soon,

  2. Hi Christine and Michael
    Wonderful to hear your news and to know you are settling back in. It is so encouraging to hear how powerfully God is working in your lives and blessing you with so many answers to prayer. I know it was not good timing to talk to you on your last night here at the meeting in St Annes church Christine- but as I said to Michael, the body of Christ here in Bristol has been very blessed to have you minister in prayer, fasting and serving. It is good to see you write that it looks set to continue and grow with the links you have been able to forge. Thank you again. Nathaliex

    1. Hi Nathalie:
      Great to hear from you. That last night of prayer and worship at St. Anne’s is dear to my heart. You and the Brislington pastorate are very much in our hearts and we look forward to our next visit and hope we have formed lifelong kingdom relationships with you all, flowing in God’s infinite love. We have tickets to return in April, but honestly I am so full of managing all the different arenas we are picking up again here I can’t think too much about it right now :).
      Please keep in touch, love to Mike and the girls, too,

  3. Congratulations you two! I wasn’t able to attend the Ordination because I met with my son that night. Matthew lives in the Lancaster area and he attended VOA Wednesday night and I went to visiti him and his two boys on Thursday night. I had never seen his new apartment and we had a good visit. While I was visiting Matthew, the members of our church that were attending VOA (all 23 of them including our Pastor) met and discussed our relationship with Global for the future. A good open meeting that I was very fortunate to miss:). God is good. I wanted to let you know that I have taken care of both steps we spoke about when we visited and went a further step in that area. I am thankful for your encouragement and feel good that I was obeident to what God has been showing me. Blessings, to you both, Mary

    1. Welcome home ! We are thankful to hear that you are home safely. I was thinking of you both this weekend as a friend was visiting and we read your book of Psalms together and enjoyed the message and the beautiful photos. Also, I took her to the Spiritual Life Center for the day and she loved the Icon of Jesus Healing in the Chapel.

      May the Lord continue to bless and guide you! love and prayers, Mary and Peter

    2. Yay! Can’t wait to see what God does! With you and with us! Things are happening, like clouds rolling across the sky, really heading somewhere! Will be in touch soon with any new developments.
      Lots of love,

  4. Hi
    I just read this –Welcome back to NY state.
    We in the North Country didn’t get the snow
    I’m not much of a blogger–but I’m glad I checked this out.
    What is your email??
    Rev. Susan B2 –just spoke at DOK retreat —i was pleased to be there.–It was wonderful –Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
    I saw Gary and Dianne last weekend.

    God Bless! Ultreya! FHS, Jo

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