Blessings of June

Hello Friends and Family:

This June has been a month of so many blessings for us, and we hope for you too.  We began with our trip to New York and our daughter Micah’s wedding, congratulations Micah and Tore Knos!   Next weekend, each of us gave workshops at the Albany Episcopal Diocesan Convention and enjoyed seeing so many good friends in Christ.  Our next week was spent in Boston where Mick was photographing the beautiful and amazing WAFA Conference – World Association of Flower Arrangers- at the World Trade Center  for our very good friends.  It was an inspiring event with people from all the nations coming to contribute and share their talents.  We felt the Lord’s blessing all through this and sill retain fond memories from the Gala of the stirring music which started with “When the Saints Come marching In”!  I just love when God’s Kingdom is brought into everyday reality! To me that’s the purpose of an arts ministry – to make art that brings God into secular places where people can encounter God in surprising and unusual ways.

While fasting,praying and walking in Boston, I felt a tug to cross Boylston Street and go inside the old Public Library building.  As I went inside, I saw the two lion statues on either side of the great staircase in the building designed by McKim, and each step of the way, God revealed more and more art about His Kingdom.  Heaven breaking through reality again in the form of art – most of these images are from the Puvis de Chavannes mural and  the John Singleton Copley mural at the Library..

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Coming home to England, we received a text message that Revival had come to Bristol!  What?? Yes, and it’s still going on.  Roy Fields from Lakeland, has been called to Bristol – because he believes it is Bristol’s time for breakthrough to Revival. You can watch it on livestream – today is day 11.

We’ve gone several times and feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit each time.  Please continue to pray with us for Revival to break out here.  Still so many people are uninterested in being in Revival.  Are they suspicious, critical, reserved, thinking it’s not quite their style? They’re not hungry.   I believe God’s not done yet with His church. This is a  prophetic painting the Lord gave me at Woodlands Church which shows the Spirit flying over a sleeping city, but the Cross on the church is glowing and there is one light on.  Lord let us be your watchmen, keeping watch over the city , interceding for Your Kingdom to come in our day.

There are many ways the enemy has closed down this nation from taking up its true position following Christ. The ‘English Reserve’ which has been formed over hundreds of years prevents real freedom for a movement of the Holy Spirit. We can see how much the spirit of humanism keeps pulling people into a place of human reasoning rather than living and flowing in the Spirit of a living Christ. This nation desperately is in need of Revival but that will take the churches acting as one for it to break through. At the moment churches appear as castles one to another, it is hard to go between and for them to interact as one body. There are some pushing for this but as a whole when God is breaking out in one area people are not able to cross unseen lines and join in with that work. So the work dies from lack of support and people return to praying for God to do a work here.

We are in a period of assessment as to what God has called us to.  Is there a way forward for us in Bristol or should we return to the USA.  It is so expensive in terms of family, business, and relationships for us to be here.  Is there something else we can do which will make  a difference? Where can we be fruitful for the Kingdom? We have come a long way but want to be sure we are doing what God has for us to do. God has provided for us, and each time we asked Him for clarity He has responded.  Please hold us in prayer as we continue to seek God’s will.

And our last blessing of the month, born June 28: Our beautiful new grandaughter!

Congratulations Mark and Kristi Simoneau!   Well done!

Lots of love to you all – I hope sharing our blessings with you increases the blessings in your own life!

Christine and Michael

2 thoughts on “Blessings of June

  1. Christine,
    You are a blessing wherever you minister. You carry God’s holiness as you minister.
    Many blessings on you and Michael.

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