February Sprouts

We write to you to keep in touch, let you know what we’re doing, and we do this  with great joy because God is continuing to bless us on this amazing journey He has us on!  Below is a picture of the beautiful Bath Abbey which recently began selling Christine’s icon cards in their gift shop – praise God!

The City of Bath is  a few miles from Bristol and the most beautiful city to visit.

We’ve been blessed with new art teaching jobs for Christine and an opportunity to present our work at a city wide Church event. Michael will be able to outline his vision of “As One” a website which lists Christian events and news across the denominations, as well as having a page of  24-7 Prayer Slot sign up also interdenominational.  We’re looking for key people to connect and work with as well as for funding.     This would also support our House

of Prayer which is gaining ground too.  Our vision is to support prayer in every way that we can as we know this is key to Revival sweeping the land. And we see sprouts of it happening! We want more Lord!

Michael is enjoying his volunteering at the Crisis Center – a Christian run organization which feeds and supports the homeless in Bristol. He recently heard God ask him to go out into the streets and pray for one hour every day.  His daily journey to so many different parts of Bristol have shown him a broken world of people who are laid low by poverty,drugs, alcohol, or a culture which doesn’t support Godly principles. He is able to pray with people at times, and always he is praying his way through the streets. He wants our house of prayer to start doing spiritual mapping so we know what to pray into in each area.   

Christine has been blessed by joining the British Iconographers’ Association and they have run a notice of her teaching iconography at her Paintworks Studio.

Another fun thing this past month – we were blessed with two visits from great

friends in God’s world and ours!  First, our good friend from Randy Clark’s School, Chad Cromer came with his new fiance.  They were guests at our February House of Prayer meeting, met the minister of the church we are attending,  and gave some powerful healing prayer which resulted in at least two healings that night!     Our next visitor was Fr. Scott Evans from upstate New York who came for the London Alpha conference. We were blessed by a wonderful night of prayer and fellowship before he headed to London.   (You’ve got to love my icon of  “Christ in Glory” behind them in the photograph.  It looks like they are right in God’s embrace, as indeed they are!)

We celebrated our wedding anniversary this month with a trip to the ballet in Bristol and saw Romeo and Juliette – very romantic!

And now for the really exciting news:  our son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Kristi are expecting their first child! AND our daughter Micah will be marrying her wonderful Tor Knos in New York in June!  How’s that for an amazing God!

So, we will be spending a good bit of June in New York.  We would love to come to give a talk at your church and share our vision.   We want to hear from you because it strengthens us so

much to know we are not alone.   We’re praying for changed lives, healed bodies, renewed minds and open hearts -AND a Revival! Do you have a heart to see the UK  filled once again to overflowing  with God’s love and Holy Spirit?  Won’t you join us?

Your prayers are an important part of our effort and we know we can’t do this without others. If you feel called to be part of our intercessory prayer team let us know.

We pray that God will bless you richly throughout 2011.     Love and Prayers,  Michael and Christine

4 thoughts on “February Sprouts

    1. Maria: Of Success Communications! How’s the Boston harbor these days – been to any interesting brunches lately??? Maybe better when the weather warms up a little. Can’t wait to see you in June!! Give Pogo a hug for me.
      Love you,

  1. I’ll have to agree with Maria, it is quite cold and there’s lots of snow here is the Northeast and Midwest. It looks pleasant in England. It’s good to hear that you were visited by friends including Chad, and it’s exciting to hear that he’s engaged! I hope to see you once you’re in New York. I’ll try to fit in a visit if possible.

    I love you guys!

    1. Myron! So good to hear from you! Send us an email someday with an update on yourself! We know God has a great plan for your life and it’s our pleasure to watch it unfold.
      Love you too!!

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