Kingdom School

Mick Hales, professional photographer, and Christine Hales , professional artist and Master Iconographer together offer a school of ministry that trains people in art  and market place ministries to grow deeper in their identity in God and develop their  purpose in God’s Kingdom and to share that with the world around them through community outreach. They are associated with and ordained by Randy Clark’s ministry, Global Awakening.


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                                   KINGDOM SCHOOL

Albany Location:  Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 63 Mountain View Ave, Albany Ny  12205

After completing their training with us, students will be equipped to step into a variety of arenas such as missions, arts, marketplace, pastoral ministry, inner healing, prophetic and community leadership.

Outreach is a strong component of our school .  We have outreach opportunities developing in many local ministries and churches and each student will participate in one hour a week as well as group outreaches on Saturdays or Sundays as schedules allow.

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5 thoughts on “Kingdom School

  1. What an amazing class! I am so happy for you both to be ‘spreading the word’ that Jesus is alive and ‘dying’ to reveal His love, in and through us!. Love Mary

  2. I listened to you this morning on Gospel Freedom with Eion Giller.God has been visiting me in my dreams this past year 4 times. I have become frustated in the past because I wanted a deeper revelation of Him.I asked Him for it and He began.

  3. Hi Mick and Christine, Lord bless you abundantly.

    Dear friends, you are and continue to be in our prayers. Are you aware of any apostolic ministry communities in the Buffalo, NY area?

    If you do, please let me know – thank you. Would deeply appreciate this.

    Just finished reading Bill’s new book, Hosting the Pressence.

    Peace to you both.


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