September News!

Dear Friends and Family:

Such a beautiful summer and so much to be thankful for.  We hope that you are all looking forward to fall and the new season.  Michael preached yesterday at West Hoosick Baptist Church and we were blessed to minister to the people there.  Here are two links to sermon excerpts:

I had some trouble with the sound, sorry.  I need to improve my video skills :).


Kingdom Arts Ministry’s School, “Fired Up” has extended its Fall deadline to Wed, September 10.  Email Michael Hales for an application form:

Fired Up is a high energy, hands on training school that supports people and local churches by training adults, aged 18 and older who are passionate about pursuing their God given destiny. Students will attend three away conferences to facilitate their ability to step out, have hands on training,  take risks and experience ministries that promote a culture of love, faith and honor.

Many Christians ask, ‘Is there More?’  Well we know there is always more when you pursue Jesus with a hunger. He responds with more revelation of who He is and where He wants to go with you. The Fired Up course is an experience of pursuing Jesus and the gift that He has given us, The Holy Spirit. Many Christians are unable to say what the Holy Spirit is let alone give you a personal account of being touched by it. This course is designed to give people an awakening into the nature of the Holy Spirit. If you are hungry for that in your life then this is for you no matter what denomination or church you go to. You will have a life changing experience and start on the road to your God given destiny.

If you have questions call Michael Hales on 518 672 0014 or send an e copy 8

For information on Christine’s Healing Icon Retreat in Saratoga Springs, October 25 &26,   email Catherine Lanci at:

If you’d like to donate to our scholarship fund for students who want to take the school but can’t afford it, send checks to: Kingdom Arts Ministry, PO Box 927, Philmont, NY  12565

Kingdom Arts Ministry is a registered 501-c3 non profit.


Blessings and love,

Michael and Christine Hales



August and Classes for the Fall

Dear Friends and Family:  photo
We are excited about the possibility of teaching people again this fall.  So we are getting the word out where ever we can about the FIRED UP course Kingdom School has planned.

This weekend Michael will be preaching a sermon at Our Savior’s Lutheran on the verse, ‘Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand’, James 5:8. The heart being that guiding centre of our personal values system. The direction we follow and what decides how and why we live our lives the way we do. The second part of the verse concerns a time element, ‘the coming of the Lord is at hand.’  Those two parts, how we live our lives and how much time we have, is why I am so sure that the Fired Up course is really significant in what God is doing in the Albany area.  Fired UP a copy

We see a repositioning of a lot of different Christians coming into the Albany area, people moving out of situations controlled by the spirit of religion into new life giving situations. There has to be a change. We have to seek renewing of our hearts, we have become cold hearted and unable to be the vessels of God’s love. The Fired Up course will be an intense awakening of people who need to get out of the security of the boat and start walking on the water for Jesus. Its time. Its time to stop playing church and to start being living vessels of the Lord Jesus Christ, on fire and in love.    photo

So please let people know about Fired Up, the information is on Kingdom Arts Ministry website. This will be a challenging life changing experience and I can not wait to see who God has chosen for it. If you are unable to make it yourself but would like to contribute towards the scholarship fund there are people who could use some help financially.


See Christine’s Art/Icon blog for her news this month.



Sending you love and blessings,

Michael and Christine

Fired Up!

Dear Friends and family:  photo 4


We are really excited about the upcoming Kingdom School’s course this year called FIRED UP. It will have all the qualities of previous Kingdom Schools but in an intensive  period of ten weeks. It will include the Pursuit Conference in Mechanicsburg, PA, featuring Bob Hazlett and Will Hart; the Awakened to Destiny in Harrisburg with Randy Clark and Bill Johnson; and a street ministry training session in Baltimore with Jay Baylor.  That is besides the regular classes and other ministry opportunities that we have prepared. photo 5

We are really hoping that groups from different churches can go through this experience together so that they relationally grow together. Relationships in the Kingdom of God are the most important part of it all, with each other and with Jesus and this Fired Up will create strong relational bonds. So even though we are in the midst of the summer and everything slows down we are expectant for September and an exciting time with Kingdom School. So if you know people in the Albany area who are hungry to have the Holy Spirit Fired Up in their lives forward this on to 2

We can tell that God is working in this area and he is repositioning people opening new doors. We are praying for a center in the Albany area that we can operate different mission based visions from. We do believe and have been for a while that God is waiting to have a revival in this area and that is why we feel the the Fired Up is so timely and important. So please pray with us for opportunities to start to open up.

Don’t Forget Christine’s Art Opening at Beauregard Fine Arts, Rumson, NJ.opening July 31.  She’s also leading a Healing Icon Retreat in Saratoga Springs Sept 5&6, which is now over subscribed – will have a date for another one soon. Email her for a pdf brochure on that one.

looks like a great summer for the Kingdom!  Christine’s quote for the month : “And I will give you a new heart with new and right desires, and I will put a new Spirit in you.” Ezekiel 36:26

photo 1

May you all be blessed with renewal , restoration, and refreshment this month! Love and prayers to you all!

Love and blessings,


Michael and Christine      photo 1 copy 2


Healing is Happening!

Dear Friends and Family:    photo copy 3

Summer is on the way – beginning with some beautiful weather and God’s fulfillment of our hopes in the form of budding, sprouting, and leafing life all around us!   We’ve had two visits to the Hamptons for photography for Michael and the Memorial service of our friend Bob Dash.  This spring/winer has brought several memorial services of good friends and we are so grateful to know our friends are in a better place, while still missing them. The thought of what they brought to our lives- the irreplaceable and inimitable presence each one carried remains within copy

Michael continues with preaching and teaching at area churches, with several wonderful testimonies of healings:

From the Albany Diocesan Convention June 7, 2014

“I just wanted to let you know the outcome of the prayer you did for me at convention. While you were praying for me, I felt a warmth spread through me from the top of my to the tip of my feet. I felt the throbbing in my leg just stop and when you asked me to move my ankle, it didn’t hurt! When I got up to go down for communion, the pain in my hip was significantly reduced and it didn’t hurt to go down or back up the stairs. My hip felt more stiff from sitting than the painful throbbing I had had in it before. As I walked up to the dining hall, it was as if I was working out the kinks in my hip and ankle and there there was no pain in my leg at all! I went to the healing service that night and Bishop Bill prayed for me. My ankle was still swollen so I thought more prayer couldn’t hurt! When he was praying for me, I again felt the warmth but it was centered in my left ankle. I went home after the service and for the first time in a couple of months, I slept the entire night without being woken up by pain in my ankle or hip. I got up Sunday morning and as soon as I stood up, I realized I felt no pain and when I looked down, my ankle was normal size! During our church service, I shared about the convention and the healing I had received. Again, I want to say thank you for listening to God and responding with prayer for me.     Dawn, Episcopal Convention 2014           photo copy 6

And of course we are  blessed that our Kingdom School Alumni: Father Tyler Slade, Youth Minister Albany Episcopal Diocese and his four interns, all of whom attended Kingdom School, led the youth at convention in the most Holy Spirit filled way!  Great work, guys! Work? It looks like fun to me!!! Watch the flash mob at convention if you don’t believe me!

Kingdom School will return again this fall with a new program called: Fired Up!


“Fired Up is a ten week intensive awakening to the activity of the Holy Spirit through Kingdom School. This course block has been carefully designed to Fire Up our Christian walk within 10 weeks of classes, conferences and ministering naturally in the supernatural. If you are HUNGRY to see God’s power working in your life and those around you then this is an opportunity not to miss.”  Contact Michael for more details

photo copy 5

God is blessing me with an exhibit at Beauregard Fine Arts in Rumson, NJ,  at the end of July – 11 paintings and we’re praying for a sold out show!  I’ll be leading an icon retreat August 3-9 at the Christian Community Church and retreat center in Hillsdale, NY. There are still a couple of spaces available, registration by July 10.

Icon writing class in Albany at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church has a slightly lighter summer schedule for the summer, so check with the website for dates.

So, that’s all for now. Call us, email, invite us to come visit!!! We are having fun and want to pray with you in person, too!  photo copy 4

Love and prayers, Christine and Michael

photo copy 2


Graduation and Pentecost!

Hello Friends and family:photo copy 5

Last Friday night was our Kingdom School Graduation at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Colonie, NY.  Our speaker was David Graham, a youth minister with  Victory Church in Albany. photo copy 4 We are so happy to have been able to watch our students grow in spiritual maturity, understanding, and experience.  They are all interns with the youth ministry at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, NY.  Summer Camp will be very blessed this summer by their work with the youth!

Michael participated in the National Day of Prayer rally on May 1 in Catskill. Here’s a link to a short video. So important to pray for our country, and for other countries.  photo copy 2


We were blessed with a visit from Pastor Dr. Tom Litteer and his beautiful wife, Marilyn.  They will removing back to their native Iowa so we wanted to have some time to show them our part of New York before they left. We visited Thomas Cole House in Catskill and also Olana – Frederick Church’s mansion in Hudson.

photo copy

I gave a talk at WAAM-Woodstock Artists Association Museum this month on Icons and contemporary art. It was well attended and I think people were excited to think about Icons alongside artists like Chagall, Matisse, etc.  The exhibition of icons at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock was very well received too. I was invited to speak there twice, and we blessed the icons when the exhibition was over.

My Pope Francis is above!

“Blessed is the person who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”  Jeremiah17:7  My drawing of Lincoln: photo copy 8

Bristol 2014 Pentecost Celebrations

Our friends in Bristol are still carrying on Revival in GB, and we are so happy to see how it is developing and growing.

Michael met Rodney Howard Brown recently in Baltimore and ministered in the streets with him and his team. Rodney is spending time in Washington DC and putting his prayer focus on Congress and the military. Here is a link:

photo copy 7

Until next month, here is a blessing I would like to give you:

“I bless you with a strong sense in your Spirit of standing on the solid rock of God’s faithfulness and timing.  I bless you with unshakeable confidence that your Father is in charge of your circumstances.  I  bless you with allowing your Father to replace your burden with His faith, your disappointment with His hope, your doubts with His love. ”            ( excerpts from Arthur Burk”s  “Blessing Your Spirit” book.)

Please keep us in your prayers – we can feel the blessings everyday from your prayers and you are in ours,

In His love,photo copy 6

Christine and Michael






Happy Easter!photo copy 16


For most of us, this is our most exciting holiday. and we look forward to it at the end of a long grizzly winter!  The warm temperatures of this last weekend increase our hope that indeed Sunday is coming!

photoWe had an inspiring and rejuvenating time at Global Awakening’s Voice of the Prophets Conference in Lancaster, Pa two weeks ago.  We went with four of our current Kingdom School students and met three students from last year, plus a Kingdom School friend. We had an amazing time.  See below for Larry Randolph’s prophetic word for 1014.



I’ve had a busy time with teaching and organizing the “Faces” exhibition in partnership with the Columbia County Arts Council and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.  The opining reception was last Saturday and it was very well attended.  I enjoyed working with the other artists : Gretchen kelly, Cynthia Mulvaney, Barbara Willner, Laura Summer, and the writers, Irene Mitchell, and Ifetayo- see below.  Beautiful women in every way!

photo copy 18


photo copy 21

I also gave a talk last Saturday at a luncheon to benefit three churches in Coxsackie.  Busy day!     Michael’s going to be preaching at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Colonie, NY on April 27th,  and also up at  Manlius Methodist Church in Syracuse on  Saturday and Sunday May 17 & 18.  He had gone down to Baltimore earlier this month to meet and minister with Rodney Howard Brown and his team of street ministers.

As we head into Easter week, I want to bless you with a blessing from Arthur Burk’s book called “Blessing Your Spirit”:  “I bless you with faith that has been tested and proved genuine.  I bless you with seeing the joy on the other side of all kinds of trials.  I bless you with faith that is strong and pure like gold.  I bless you with knowing how precious your faith is to God, more precious than gold….”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

We send you our love and thanks for all the ways you support our ministry.  Have a hope filled and wonder filled Easter,  photo copy 17



Christine and Michael


Marching On!!

Hello Friends and Family:        IMG_3670

Yes, Marching on!  It’s about to start snowing again but SPRING is marching on!  It is still light at 6:16PM today and there has been more rain than snow so far today.  Ha!  After what seemed like an endless February, March, April, and May are flying by already.  There are a few things coming up that we want to invite you to:


Saturday. March 15, 9:30-4:15pm “Healing Prayer Workshop” at Saint Luke’s Church in Cambridge, NY- Michael will be teaching on Healing Prayer and there will be opportunities for folks to receive healing prayer ministry.    photo copy 12

“Faces” Portrait exhibition curated by myself and in cooperation with the Hudson Chamber of Commerce and the Columbia County Arts Council, featuring 4 women artists showing portraits they have painted.  My Nelson Mandela portrait will be in that show among others.   Opens March 22.  Opening reception April 12, 6-8PM  photo copy 13

Icon Exhibition at Saint Gregory’s Episcopal Church, Woodstock, New York : myself, some of my students, and others have contributed to a beautiful array of icons for the Lenten observation at Saint Gregory’s. Call the church for viewing  times.

Voice of the Prophets Conference in Lancaster, PA will host Patricia King, Larry Randolph, Bob Hazlet, Randy Clark, Mavesh Chavda among others and worship with Martin Smith!!! We’re going, with our students – hope you can come too.

I’ve been exploring the art of community over the winter and am experiencing some wonderful relationships and activities as a result.  The message of community building is up this month not only with Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in Redding, PA for his March 2 sermon, but also with Pope Francis.  I’ve been reading a great biography of him “Francis, Bishop of Rome”, by Michael Collins.      IMG_3746    I love drawing his portrait – here’s an early drawing – there will be more!

In “Only Love Can Save Us,” by Pope Francis,   talking about Crossing the Threshold of Faith,  says ” Crossing the threshold of faith leads us to seek for each individual the same mind as Christ Jesus. (see Phil 2:5), so that each one of us may experience a new way of thinking, of communicating with and looking at each other, of respecting one another, of being together as a family, of planning our futures, of living out our love for each other and our vocation.”

In Christ, all things are new. Our ways of sharing with each other can constantly change to reflect our needs, values, and hopes.  My prayer for us all is that we grow ever better at showing this love for each other, closer together in sharing the challenges and joys of life, our vocations, and our love of God.


Know that Michael and I hold each of you in our prayers. This newsletter is our away of reminding you that we ARE HERE for you!  Please keep us in your prayers, too – it makes all the difference!

Love and prayers,


Christine and Michael

Healing Prayer Teaching in Cambridge, NY

Dear Friends and Family:grad

Just a quick note to invite all who live in the New York area to come to St. Luke’s Church in Cambridge, New York on Saturday, March 15, 9:30-4PM where we will be hosted by Fr. Jim French and teaching  more about how God desires to move in our midst and how we can co-labor with him to bring more of Heaven to New York!

There is no cost for the conference, however a free will offering will be taken. Please bring a bag lunch. Drinks and refreshments will be provided. The conference will include time for worship, teaching on Words of Knowledge, a Five Step Healing Prayer Model and Deliverance as well as opportunities for ministry.

There will be an opportunity to receive healing prayer in the afternoon after the teaching sessions so bring those you know who would be blessed by this opportunity.

Also a quick mention that Bill Johnson’s Church in Redding, CA is hosting a conference starting tomorrow  on “Developing Prophetic Communities” .  For a small fee you can watch on line – increase your knowledge while still here in the frozen North!

Love to you all,

Michael and Christine

Month of Snow!

Dear Family and Friends:   photo copy

photo copy 8

Does our blog always coincide with a major snowstorm? Since we have one once or twice a week now, it is very likely!  I’m including some snow photos this month for our friends and family in the UK.  I’m even painting snow landscapes!!! Never before, but now one has to find beauty in the snow!

We are expecting 8-12 inches tomorrow and we had that x2 last week, so today we will go to Hudson and celebrate our twenty year wedding anniversary, then get ready to get some serious work done in the snow tomorrow!

Here are a few photos of an outreach of our Kingdom School at the Schenectady soup kitchen last month. We love our students and so much enjoy our worship times copy 6photo copy 2

Michael has been visiting local area photo copy 5churches each Sunday as well as continuing to develop relationships with other  Pastors at the Capital District Ministers’ Fellowship.

We will be meeting with our mentors, the Litteers, soon.  They pour so much wisdom into us – we are so blessed.

I’m excited about painting – a gallery in NJ just sold a large one and I expect to curate an exhibition in Hudson next month. It’s part of a project building relationships with local businesses and the CCCA to promote and value artists and their value as economic stimulators.  I believe that my church right now is the art world and I am having fun carrying the atmosphere of heaven to folks who might not otherwise get to experience it.

photo  This cross is in our back garden and you can see the deer tracks running through!

I’m teaching an extra icon writing class here in Philmont and that is a joy.  Here is one of my egg tempera portraits of Nelson Mandela.  I’ve been reading his biographies since Christmas and have learned so much about the spiritual walk through him. His strength and ability to keep his eye on the goal is inspiring.

He reminds me of the words of Saint Paul:         photo copy 3

“You became imitators of us and of the Lord, for you welcomed the message in the midst of severe suffering with the joy given by the Holy Spirit.  And so you became a model to all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia.”  1 Thessalonians 1:6-7 Mandela was educated by Methodists in his youth and I believe that early faith and education was a foundation for his ability to persevere and uphold his belief in freedom for all people.

Our prayer requests this month center around our need for more relationships with people who are excited to love and serve God in this area.  We look to the Lord for direction and discernment and we give thanks for the blossoming of our careers in photography and painting to be all that God has destined for them to be.

Many thanks to all f you who support this ministry with your gifts and prayers.  You are daily in our prayers,

photo copy 7

Love, Michael and Christine

Michael’s Photography website:

Christine’s Painting Websites:

Radical Generosity

Greetings Friends and Family:photo copy 10

While it is sad taking down the sparkly Christmas decorations and all the holiday get togethers are now in the past, it is also exciting to dig in, once again, to WORK!!  We are so blessed to love our work. Work certainly is not easy, but it is stimulating and interesting to research new icons, begin drawings, prepare for the new school semester for iconography and Kingdom School and visiting new clients.


Last night in Kingdom School, we watched a talk by Bill Johnson from Bethel Church, Redding, CA.  It was one of the most important talks for me in a long while.  In it, he shares about how walking in power attracts rejection.  He talks about how to respond and he also talks about Daniel and his ability to have favor in a very hostile environment.  Radical generosity was demonstrated when God sent His only son to be born in a manger to bless a world full of sinners.  Bill is such an inspiration of one who holds a vision for Revival locally and internationally and who demonstrates the ways of effective and honorable leadership.  We are so thankful to be part of that Apostolic Network and look forward to the day that more of that is alive here in the Albany area.

photo copy 16

God is inspiring me to paint icons the way He is showing me now, and that is allowing me to evolve an individual style.  It is so exciting partnering with God – highly recommended way to go!  This small Christ study and the Saint Benedict icon are on the path to what I’m developing.  I  Can’t tell you how exciting that is to see where He will take it.   I feel the way my little granddaughter must have felt the other day on her first sled ride in Boston!   photo copy 5

I now have an icon blog and will be teaching two additional classes this winter in order to fund a project I have in mind for next winter.  I’ll be giving a demonstration of icon writing in Troy later this month at the Art Center as part of an opening reception for an exhibition of my and my students icons which is part of a larger three gallery show.  I’m looking forward to all the new people to share God’s love with!! Yippee! How different from when I used to have artist openings, BC (Before Christ :)).  I always have had Christ in my life, but being transformed is another story.  As you know.

My wonderful, spirit filled husband is taking three of our students to the Pursuit Conference in PA this month – they will have an amazing time!  He is also working on developing new clients and navigating promotion in the social networking world.  His website is always developing and looking stunning.   mick&christine

Michael’s birthday was Christmas Eve, so we went to the Boston Ballet for the Nutcracker Suite and then on to Trinity Church in Boston for Christmas Eve serve.  Truly a night to remember.

For Christmas we were blessed to share christmas stockings in Boston on christmas morning with our lovely daughter in law, Kristi, brilliant son, Mark and beautiful granddaughter Carwen.  I made Yorkshire puddings in honor of Michael and the UK!   IMG_5698

In ourselves, we are experiencing the value of having had the Global Awakening training with it’s emphasis on healing both inner and physical.  We have studied under the best teachers and are exploring how to bring that to the Albany area next year.  We so much appreciate your prayers for God’s hand to be upon us not only for provision, but guidance and direction and fruitful partnerships.
There’s so much more I’d like to share but give us a call, write or get together with us.  We love you and miss you,

Michael and Christine

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.